Jane Toombs, born in California, raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, returned "home" to live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula on the shore of Lake Superior-- with the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat Kinko. Jane Toombs died March 5, 2014 in Ontonagon Michigan.  Jane leaves five children, two stepchildren, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Jane is the published author of about one hundred books, novellas and short stories, both in print and electronic. These include the various romance genres--gothic, suspense, contemporary, historical, Regency and paranormal--as well as other genres such as mystery, fantasy and horror. Her awards include a 1995 Bookrak Award for best-selling series book (The Abandoned Bride), a 1998 Prism Award for best dark paranormal ( Lover's Moon) and a 2003 EPIC Award for best non-fiction.(Words Perfect: Becoming Your Own Critique Partner), co-authored with Janet LaneWalters. Other EPIC awards include a 2003 award for Best Anthology: Shifters (with three other authors.)

Jane was a member of a closed twelve author group of authors designed to promote each other called Jewels Of The Quill, where she's Dame Turquoise and has her own page at the site: Jewels of the Quill. This group has won many awards: In 2006, Best Anthology: Tales From the Treasure Trove Vol. I , a Jewels of The Quill anthology with multiple authors. (The Turquoise Mask.) And again in 2008 the JOTQ won Best Anthology with Tales From The Treasure Trove Vol.III (The Turquoise Talisman) and we won Best Anthology once more in 2010 with A Valentine's Day Anthology, Magical Kisses. (The Third Kiss).

She also was a charter member of Romance Writers of America and belongs to several of their chapters. Because Jane wrote for Harlequin for many years and they sell foreign rights, she has books published in many foreign countries in their languages. Besides Harlequin, she wrote for other New York publishers in the past, but now is concentrating on writing only for electronic publishing companies.

Online books (electronic eBooks):



SNAKESKIN by Jane Toombs (DiskUs Publishing) 

A haunting tale that will make your skin crawl of totally different religions and a boy torn between the two of them.

Things aren't always as they appear to be.


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Early Falls the Dew

EARLY FALLS THE DEW by Jane Toombs (DiskUs Publishing) 

In the old lighthouse she frequents, Annabelle encounters the love of her life during a storm. But is it possible he's not really human. . .?



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Heart of Silver

HEART OF SILVER by Jane Toombs (DiskUs Publishing) 

When Silversmith Ellin leaves California to deisgn a medallion for a prestigious New York firm, she's dazzled by the man who was sent west to present her with the firms'a award.

The mutual attraction heats up until she's sure he's the only man for her.

But is she wrong?

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My Brother, My Brother

MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER by Jane Toombs (DiskUs Publishing) 

Can Hunter survive a brutal attack by relying on what he learned as an Indian youth?



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Monte Carlo Masquerade

MONTE CARLO MASQUERADE by Jane Toombs (DiskUs Publishing) 

In Monaco American tourist Karen Jameson meets wealthy race-car driver Gregory Sorrell when she runs into him with her bike. She can't believe it when he shows interest in her, certain he only intends a fling.

But she also finds it hard to resist him....


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Vigil House

VIGIL HOUSE by Jane Toombs (New Concepts Publishing) 

From the day Boris Gregory carries his bride over the threshold into Vigil House, the mansion he's built for her, darkness hovers over the Gregory family. Will any descendent find a way to overcome the intangible malevolence that haunts them?


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MOONRUNNER I: Under the Shadow

MOONRUNNER I: UNDER THE SHADOW (New Concepts Publishing)  A shapeshifter fantasy where a man on a Gold Rush California beach has no idea who he is, how he got there, or--more deadly--what he is. How can he manage to stay alive, much less find a way to fit in.



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MOONRUNNER II: GATHERING DARKNESS (New Concepts Publishing)  Continues the story of the now wealthy Volek family as they struggle to keep their secret from those around them while trying to outwit the menace of the Stalkers, those born to kill Shapeshifters.



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MOONRUNNER III: DARK SUNRISE (New Concepts Publishing)  The further story of the Voleks, now plagued by the strangeness of their own children, by humans who fear them and by the reason for what they are.



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Stories in eBook anthologies:

Jane's and Elmer's Story "Jane's and Elmer's Story" from Millennial Milestones, an anthology of true stories from DiskUs Publishing.

Ghost of Love "Ghost of Love," in Millennium Magic from Hardshell Word Factory.

Click here for a list of (almost) all of Jane Toombs' published work: