AVYST is a group of insurance agents that has joined together in order to use their experience and knowledge of the industry in order to create the most detailed and thorough property and casualty insurance software solutions on the market.


Their software allows everyone from producers to agents to be able to manage and monitor the trek of how a referral becomes a client. Salespeople or agents first submit referrals into the system for approval. Next, he or she can monitor as the workflow guides them into the next stage, product selection. Once that is complete, then the interviewing can begin.  After the interview stage is complete, the agent can then begin to go through the quoting phase. Since one of the highlights of this agency software is that everyone that is a part of the process can add his or her own detailed notes to each step along the way, they can help to secure the right policy selections for the client. Finally, AVYST will soon be able to be integrated into your current system.

AVYST offers four different insurance agency software solutions depending on the needs of your company.  The first product is the referral engine. It allows anyone and everyone to input data on a potential client. The information is saved and can be retrieved throughout the sales process making it so that it never has to be inputted again. Everyone on the team not only has access to the files, they get notified when new information is added.

Question engine by AVYST pre-populates data from public records and then saves the information so that it never has to be inputted. This allows you to more easily identify the right products for prospective clients. It also makes it easier for representatives to answer any and all questions the customer may have, as the answers will be at his or her fingertips. The prospective client can then go online and be guided to the right product at the right price.

Another product that this company offers is called the Carrier Engine. It is the only cloud-based product for those companies that represent multiple carriers. This product contains rules that have been carefully selected and organized by AVYST’s underwriting analysts. Therefore, each customer can be matched to the appropriate carrier coverage, quickly and accurately.

Finally, there is the Dashboard Engine. It is a mobile resource that enables decisions to be made based on real-time information. It is designed to allow executives to monitor productivity, while also allowing customer service representatives to see their positives and negatives in order to improve their own performance.

If you are looking to take your insurance company to the next level, then give AVYST a call. They can help you pull ahead of the competition by setting you up with the products that you need to do so. Since it is cloud based, they can set up a personal trial run from anywhere at anytime.