Egypt, just like other countries requires foreigners wishing to visit to have a visa with the exemption of visitors coming from visa exempted countries or from a country where its citizens are allowed to obtain a visa on arrival.
As a requirement, visitors are also supposed to poses passports which should be valid for at least six months after arrival.

Types of Egypt Visa that you can apply for 

• You can apply for either of the following visas depending on the nature of your visit.
• Tourist visa. Its validity runs for 2 months and is not extendable. The duration of stay is 30 days.
• Tourist visas multiple entries. It is valid for 60 days and a duration of 30 days.
• Service visa. It applies for account auditors, company delegations; sales representatives who want to have commercial activities in Egypt and those accompanying them. Its validity lasts for 14 days and the duration of stay is 14 days.
• Long term tourist visa single entry and multiple entries. This is for tourists who wish to spend considerable time in Egypt. The duration of stay is 90 days and the validity of 60 days.
It is worth noting that the validity of entry includes the issuance day of your visa. Also, the duration of stay will include your day of arrival and departure day. So don’t be caught unaware.
There are foreign nationals who enjoy free entries in Egypt. For instance, Britain nationals enjoy free entry valid for 15 days if traveling to Dahab and Sharm el-sheik Resorts.

How do you get your visa to Egypt?

You can get an Egypt visa by either of the following ways.
1. Apply through the Egyptian Diplomatic mission or Egyptian Embassy in your country of residence
To apply to the Egyptian embassy in your country you will need to have the following.
• Fully filled application form. You can download the form from the embassy website.
• Visa fee. You will pay for you to have your visa.
• Recently taken passport photos with a dimension of 2×2 inches. The passports should be taken against a white background.
• A passport which should be valid for at least 6 months past the date you plan to enter Egypt.
• Copies of personal passport information.
2. Apply for a visa on arrival. 
For this, you will need a pre-visit to your local Egyptian consulate to know if you are eligible for a visa on arrival. In case you are eligible, make sure you have documents required to process your visa on arrival. This includes a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
It will cost you 25 US dollars to have your passport at the airport upon arrival. You will get it at the bank kiosks at the immigration counter.
3. e-Visa
One of the interesting things about Egypt visa is that you can apply for it online. Egypt has an e-Visa portal where you sign up, apply and pay for your visa online.
The process is quick and you will be notified with an email when it is ready. It involves filling in the application form and paying online using a debit card, MasterCard or Visa card.
After your passport application is approved and processed it will be sent to your account where you can print your e-Visa. This is what you will present to the immigration office upon entry to Egypt.

All You Need to Know About Egypt Visa