Many of us don’t realize that weight loss has to do with every single part of the body, not just the ones that cause trouble.  Of course, exercise is the best remedy for excess fat and low energy.  But did you know that those factors can also be influenced highly by your endocrine system and your daily brain function?  All parts of the body should be assessed if you are having trouble with weight loss to see where there might be some underlying issues that should first be addressed.  Some of the most advanced medical weight loss clinics will include assessments of all these body systems so that you get a full picture of your health.

With brand new technology that is non-invasive, your brain health can be quickly measured.  This test is called the Brain Testing Platform, and it measures brain-electrical hormone replacementactivity through several channels including EEG, evoked responses, and traditional performance screening.  In total this test will measure average brain speed, voltage power of the brain, reaction times, processing speed, and attention level.  Here you can measure overall brain health and how it relates to your body’s health and wellness in real-time.  If there is any one measurement that is significantly lowered, you can guess that it is affecting every portion of your life, especially weight loss.  To get the brain test done, a headset that has sensors inside will be placed onto your head.  These sensors measure the responses by picking up brain activity.  Sterile water is used to conduct information to the sensors, so expect to get a little bit wet during this procedure.  The headset is only on for about 30 minutes and the results are available almost instantly.  The Brain Testing Platform will provide panoramic pictures of your brain and these views will be used to identify places in the brain that functioning might be low.  Some examples of this would include very early symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s, memory loss, ADD or ADHD, post traumatic stress, concussions resulting from mild trauma such as a sports injury or car accident, or altered functioning due to anxiety or depression.

When brain testing is combined with a picture of your endocrinology, the chances of weight loss success skyrocket because a full picture of your health is taken into account.  Those cookie-cutter diet plans don’t work for everyone because we are all unique human beings and our metabolisms can vary widely based on our history, genes, and environment.  A medical weight loss plan will take into account all of these factors with blood work to help determine your best plan of action.  Perhaps certain foods don’t work well for you, or perhaps certain supplements are required because you are naturally lacking vitamins or minerals.  Whatever the case, a brain test and body composition will combine to help you and your medical team figure out how to best lose the weight.  The hard part is over once you have developed a plan.  Now you just have to stick to it and watch the pounds fall away!