The use of medical marijuana has been legalized in many states in the US, 23 states to be precise. Contrary to the initial thought that use of marijuana poses danger to human health, recent intensive research on marijuana use has linked it to the cure of many illnesses. Marijuana is used to cure depression, migraine, muscle cramps and cancer amongst other uses. This is why marijuana health centers have come up across most cities in the US. Online medical marijuana clinics such as Cali Cannabis Express have also emerged to conveniently deliver their products to legal medical marijuana users.

Who Is Cali Cannabis Express?

Cali Cannabis Express is an online medical marijuana delivery website that delivers marijuana medical products to legal patients throughout California. It is an accredited company that strictly comply with set California state laws regarding marijuana use for medical purposes.


The first step of registration is having a written, signed and dated recommendation from medical marijuana doctor to use medical marijuana. The doctor must also be California licensed . The company insists on this because it must ensure that only valid patients use their products for treatment purposes.

How To Order

Visit the Cali Cannabis Express website to order the products. Click on the products link in the website and search for the product you want to buy. Choose the weight or quantity you wish to buy and then add to cart. Cash out and wait for the delivery. All orders are charged additional $9.99 as packaging and shipping charges without considering the size or quantity. The products are delivered to the buyer’s shipping address in sealed airtight containers.


New customers to the website are given free 4.5 grams medical marijuana after making their first order.
Old customers are also given free 4.5 grams medical marijuana for referring friends, family members or colleagues.

Products Sold

There are quite a number of medical marijuana products sold on the company’s website. They include:

• Hybrid

• Edible


• Flower

• Indica

• Sativa

• Vaporizers and cartridges

• Concentrate

Your doctor will advise you on how to choose the best product for your treatment.

Product Delivery

Cali Cannabis Express deliver their products to patients in all places in California. The patients must have been verified for the use of medical marijuana. It has a highly professional team of drivers and workers that strictly deliver the right products to destined locations overnight. Products are delivered overnight for many reasons, for example, to consider the customer’s privacy concerns. This ensures that your medical conditions remain private. Another reason is to ensure that there are no delays with the delivery.
Orders made by 5 PM are shipped on the same day. However, delivery takes about 1-2 days depending on factors such as weather conditions of the location and the accessibility of the area. Orders are only shipped on business days. This means that their is no shipping of products on weekends and holidays. The orders made on such days are thus shipped on the next business day.

Cali Cannabis Express: Medical Marijuana Delivery In California