Many Americans have been wearing glasses or contacts since they can remember.  When you have had trouble seeing since you were just a little kid, you probably don’t remember what it’s like to be able to open your eyes in the morning and see clearly.  This is a fantasy that we have written off.  Wearing glasses isn’t so bad once you’re used to it.  It can actually be a bit fashionable if you embrace it.  But other times it can just be a nuisance.  Have you ever got caught in the rain with glasses? You can’t see a thing and they just keep running down your nose with all the moisture.  For those athletes among us, you can forget about exercising unless you have “rec specs.”  We’ve all been around bullies enough to know that they aren’t fun to wear.  The point is – life can be difficult at times when you are stuck in glasses or contacts.  Between dry eye and frames that won’t stay on your face, there is no absolute cure for this.  Well, actually there is – Lasik surgery!

Refractive laser surgery, or, Lasik, has been approved for use by the FDA since 1995 and has been making millions of people happy again each year.  The procedure is very simple and just requires that you spend a day at an eye clinic that specializes in this type of surgery.  Before you head in, you pop a Vicodin and let the doctor take care of the rest.  Have a friend drive you home since you will be wearing those dark sunglasses and will lasik surgeryhave blurry vision for about a day.  And the next morning when you wake up, you will be able to see without the aid of glasses or contacts.  It really is the miracle surgery that has changed the lives of so many Americans.  Of course the procedure itself is not that simple, but from the perspective of the patient it could not be any easier.  The eye surgeon actually cuts a little flap in the cornea, peels it back, smooths out the underlying surface, and replaces the flap.  Over time the flap heals itself back onto where it was removed and the underlying coreal surface remains smooth, thus allowing for perfect vision.  Over the years some eyesight may get worse, but its nothing that can’t be helped maybe with some reading glasses.  Overall, your sight will remain strong for decades and you will forget what it was like to wake up and have to put glasses on your face to see.  If you have ever been wondering whether Lasik surgery was right for you, this article may put you over the edge.  Most people are good candidates for standard laser surgery.  And if you are not, there are several other kinds that are just as effective but with slightly longer recovery times.  Lasik is the perfect solution for athletes who don’t want to be weighed down by glasses.  It’s really a great solution for anyone who is just tired of needed a sight aid for so many decades and wants their freedom back.