Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought a gadget or device but the AC power adaptor didn’t come with the purchase? And as a result you found yourself constantly having to buy new batteries which can be quite costly and the dead batteries end up being waste and bad for the environment. It is in cases like these that you will need to start looking for the right AC power adaptor to supply your device with the power it needs along with charging it.

 Multifunction Power Adaptor


So what is an AC power adaptor? Well it is a device that converts the main power alternating current from your wall socket which can be between 110 volts to 240 volts into something much smaller and a direct current voltage for your gadget or device to be able to utilize which is something that is usually required when it comes to charging devices or for gadgets that usually operate on batteries.

Before you go out and look for a power adaptor to buy, make sure you take a look at the device to see if there is a specific adaptor designed for it that is available in the market. You can look for any labels on your device and see the model which will specify the type of power adaptor that it will need. This will take away the need for you to try to guess the adaptor that your device will need. However, if you really can’t find any specific power adaptor specified for your device, here is what you should do.

You will want to know what your device requires in order to function. Do an inspection of the device and check the labels to see if you can find out the needed voltage or current of the device. If nothing is indicated on the device itself, you can always check the manual or do a quick search online. Once you have the right data (voltage, amperage, and current type) you can start looking for a power adaptor for your device.

The general rule for choosing a power adaptor is to match the voltage and to match or beat the mAh or amperage. This means that when you are in the process of choosing an AC power adaptor you should make sure that the following are checked:

  • The voltage output of the power adaptor matches the required voltage input of your device.
  • The mAh output of the power adaptor is more than or equals the mAh or amperage rating of the device.
  • The plug of the power adaptor fits right into the device and it has the right polarity.

Just like the info of the device, you can find the key info on a sticker or label attached on the adaptor itself. Once you have taken down and understood all of the info on your device you will then know what power adaptor you are looking for based on those key information so now you can start your hunt for a new AC adaptor.