The process of shopping for and purchasing an diamond engagement ring is exciting. It is a symbol of a commitment that you are willing to make, and you want the ring that you select to be one that your partner will enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives. However, sometimes all of the different choices that are available out there can be confusing and overwhelming. You want a ring that you and your spouse will love, but how do you know what the best option is? From the setting to the band that holds all of the gemstones in place, everything can be customizable. One area that causes particular stress to the shopper is what kind of metal they should choose for the band. Many people have strong feelings about the kind of band that they get. Some people absolutely abhor yellow gold and will take pretty much any kind of band that is not gold. Others like platinum for its durability and affordability. Each kind of metal says something different to the person that is wearing the ring, so the pressure is on to make sure that you get it right!
The best advice we can give when it comes to selecting the right metal for your engagement ring is simply to ask the person ahead of time what their preference is. It may take away from the initial surprise of the ring, but an engagement ring is not something that you want to have to take back to the jewelersand if it is a custom ring then it is unlikely that you will have the option to take it back anyway. So speak to your loved one first and find out what they would prefer before you start shopping. Different metals create different looks on an engagement ring, and your jeweler can help you sort through all of the different options.

Gold is the traditional metal for engagement rings and wedding bands alike. It is long lasting and durable, and holds up to every day wear very well. Gold is a soft metal, so it can be prone to dents or scratches, but it also is easy to polish an make it look new again. Despite the name, gold bands are typically not made out of solid gold, but rather a combination of gold and other metals. A pure gold band would be far too soft to make a ring and would dent or scratch way too easily. That is why you often hear people talk about something as “24 carat gold.” It refers to the percentage of real gold in the gold ring. The higher the carat, the more real gold is in the ring.

While gold rings still continue to be a very popular choice for engagement rings, they are now having to compete with many other different metal types. Some of the other options for rings include pure silver or sterling silver, tungsten which is hypoallergenic, and platinum which is higher in color than white gold.