For people like me who travel a lot, it doesn’t ever really make sense to pay for a monthly membership at a gym or to sign up for a regular class because one week I might be there and the next two I won’t. I think a lot of other people are facing this same problem. It is important to be able to use your body, especially if you are stuck in an office a lot, but going to the gym for twenty minutes here and there during the brief flashes that you are in town is not very much fun and still, you are paying for something that you can only use for a section of your month when you are around. Most of the time it just is not worth it.

You don’t have to give up though on being able to take care of yourself and still get a little bit of physical activity every once and a while when you are able to put in a little bit of time here and there. yoga appOne of the ways that working out, no matter where you are or how much time you have is by taking advantage of all of the options that you can find online. For example, the company My Joy Yoga has put together a live streaming yoga app that includes both live streaming yoga classes as well as a large video library of older classes that you can choose from and then play on your phone, tablet or computer. The different classes are varied across different difficulty levels, focuses, and they are all different lengths so it doesn’t matter if you have only ten minutes to get in a quick session or if you want to really work hard and go deep with an hour and a half long session. There are so many different kinds of videos that they have available on My Joy Yoga that no matter what kind of a class you are looking for or where you are, you are gong to be able to find something that fits in your needs so no matter if you are at home or on the go, you can fit in your yoga practice as often as you possibly can. Because the whole thing is online, the memberships packages for the yoga app is much less expensive than other kinds of yoga studios that also have to pay for things like teachers that are paid for every class and a yoga studio and all of the thousands of dollars that go into running a yoga studio every month. In fact, you can start out with the live streaming yoga app for just about fifteen dollars a month, or you can go ahead and get a year long plan and then it is only ninety nine dollars a year for unlimited access to a huge number of different kinds of yoga videos. When you compare it to any other kind of workout option that you are going to pay more for but be able to use less often, it makes total sense to check out the yoga video app if you are the kind of person who isn’t always around or able to make a regular yoga class.