people hear the word cosmetic they instantly think of something that people do just for the look of it. The field of cosmetics, i.e. the makeup industry, doesn’t do anything to actually make people feel better or be healthier. Instead, it’s all about covering up any imperfections or drawing attention to specific features all for the sake of trying to improve how a person looks. Thus, when most people hear the words cosmetic dentistry they think of the same thing only applied to dentistry and people’s teeth. They think about work that people have done that does nothing to improve the overall oral health of a person but instead just improves how their teeth or mouth looks. The best example of such a thing would probably be teeth whitening. When a patient has their teeth whitened, such an act is not doing anything to protect their teeth from further damage or helping to clean their teeth. Instead, it’s all about just making the teeth look white so that they look cleaner. This would be the perfect example of what most people think of when they hear cosmetic dentistry.

While of course whitening teeth would fall under the realm of a cosmetic dentist, thinking that’s all cosmetic dentists do is really selling them short. While they do do a ton of work for patients that’s all about improving how the teeth of that particular patient look, cosmetic dentists also do a great deal of work that benefits the oral health of the patient and/or improves the functionality of their teeth. For example, dental implants, or fake teeth, are something that falls under the jurisdiction of a cosmetic dentist. They are the people who install dental implants. However, while dental implants do improve the look of a person’s mouth since it hides the fact that they’re missing teeth, they also greatly improve the function of the teeth. Having a tooth that’s missing entirely can make it very difficult to eat. This of course depends on which tooth it is, but the point remains that dental implants both improve the look and function of a person’s teeth. The point here is that most of the work that cosmetic dentists do falls under both cosmetic work and work that’s done to improve oral health and increase functionality. This means that when people think of a cosmetic dentist as only a person who whitens teeth or does things just for the sake of how it looks, they’ve got it wrong.

Cosmetic dentists, like those at Incredible Smiles, aren’t just people who do work on people’s mouths to make their teeth look better. While that may be the side effect of the work they’re doing, the primary reason for doing much of cosmetic dentistry is to improve functionality and oral health. Having veneers placed over teeth makes the teeth look better, but it also protects them from further damage. Pulling a tooth and replacing it improves the look of teeth, but it also gets a rotten tooth out of the mouth before it can do more damage. Put simply, cosmetic dentists do more than just whiten teeth.