It’s hard to pick up a home decorating magazine today without reading something about custom shades. Custom shades are probably the hottest window treatment in the country right now, and as more high-profile home decorators start to use shades in their design themes                                                                                      , the popularity of the window treatment seems to be growing quickly. Just as with any fad in decorating, the taste of the public can change almost overnight. Last year started out right in the middle of a custom shutter phase, which quickly faded into a retro curtains fad. It can be very hard to tell what will be in style from one day to the next, but right now, all the major window treatment makers are ramping up production on their lines of custom shades, hoping the public will continue to buy their shades all throughout 2017. Leading window treatment dealers such as,, have received a record number of order for their custom window shades which has caused them to seek new suppliers that can help them meet their clients demands. Window treatment stores all over the country are also finding it difficult to keep their stock of custom window shades on the shelves. Among the many large companies that are producing the shades which the whole nation can’t seem to get enough of, the leader has been Hunter Douglas. In fact, there are stores in the country which have not been able to get their hands on new shipments of Hunter Douglas shades since early January. Smaller window coverings makers are producing window shades just as fast as they can, and the demand for shades has been so overwhelming this year that many small shades manufacturers have had to hire additional people to help make and deliver their shades. If this craze for shades continues all year, anyone in the shades making industry will be having a very good year indeed, but as we mentioned before, one never knows how long these trends will go on for.

Another trend in home decoration has been the sudden and dramatic reappearance of leather in the American home. Leather furniture saw its glory days come to the end during the end of the 60’s, and since then production of leather furniture has not been an important margin in the sales column of furniture stores again; until now. All of a sudden people seem to be buying anything they can that is made of leather. Leather sofas, chairs, and linings for all different types of furniture are back in high demand. Nobody really even knows where this leather craze came from, or why after so many years the public has taken an interest in leather once again, but leather producing companies are certainly not complaining. The rise in the sale of leather furniture has been so dramatic that the price of the cattle stock has even gone up in the last year. Interior designers are trying to incorporate leather elements into all their designs right now, which only makes leather even more sought after.