electric bikesIn bigger cities where traffic is horrendous, it can often take a lot less time to ride a bike to a destination rather than drive a car or take a taxi. Since taxis are on the clock, this is an inefficient way to travel. Not only would one get to their destination faster, they will improve their health in the process. For this reason, among many others, electric bicycles have grown in popularity. They are great commuter bikes for getting to work as well as making trips to the store. For the same reasons that they appeal to commuters, electric bikes can be very beneficial for businesses too. Here are five businesses that would be better served using eBikes.

1. Food Delivery Services

Fast casual delivery restaurants who typically delivery to their local customers via traditional bicycle could benefit greatly by investing in a fleet of eBikes. It would increase their delivery time immensely which would, in turn, increase their bottom line. Employees would not get tired as easily either. By increasing the speed of delivery, hot food will stay warmer making for an upgrade in the quality of delivery restaurant fare. Your pizza will still be hot and melty versus lukewarm and unappealing. Customers will also appreciate that their food arrives faster than expected compared to other restaurants.

2. A Courier Service

Just like with food delivery services, a local courier would really be able to speed up their delivery time which would allow them to make more deliveries in a day. Customers would get their important documents or packages much quicker leading to more repeat business.

3. Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana dispensaries also have delivery services now. They should also be able to increase their bottom line by replacing traditional bicycle travel with motorized travel. Patients will be impressed with the swiftness of their deliveries and businesses can get more deliveries done in a day.

4. Pedi Cab Drivers

Any profession that uses manpower to pull individuals and groups of people around deserves to upgrade themselves to an electric bike. This will save you so much time and so much energy. You will still get your exercise but with an extra power boost to keep you going especially on hills with a full load of passengers. Customers will get a kick out of it too!

5. Food Cart Drivers

Since electric bikes are heavier than traditional bikes, they can be a sturdier solution for hauling carts attached to the back. This can benefit a number of businesses. Everyone from downtown ice cream bicycle cart drivers to non-profit free libraries on wheels can enjoy the benefits of battery power.

There are so many other businesses that would be better served using electric bikes in their operations. As the planet moves in the direction of alternative fuels and methods of transportation, hopefully more companies will find ways to offset their carbon footprint and introduce safer more sustainable solutions. If you are a business wanting to partner with an industry expert in eBikes, contact Small Planet eBikes for more information and to see their options.