Most of the companies are trying to take their business online and so are the insurance companies. It makes it easier to reach a wider range of customers without any boundaries. The main thing is to develop an insurance software solutions for your business. Many insurance companies have benefited a lot via online marketing than they did in the real world. But there are few things which one should consider before starting. As it is commercial software everything should be perfect, and where calculation and alteration of money are included, you cannot compromise on things no matter how small it is.

Insurance companies had to manage a lot of paper works every day, and everyone had to do a lot of calculations. One had to consider dozens and dozens of fields for a single case and if these things are done manually human errors can happen. This process consumes a lot of time but nowadays things just got modern and easy. One can build their own customized insurance software solutions and get things up and running and see the change drastically.


Automated and customizable internal process

Lowers the risk and requires less effort

Better accessibility and customer experience

Ability to check insights as per the preference

Improved return on Investment calculation

Less manpower and labor

Best practices:

Growing from the advantages these insurance software solutions can adapt to the dynamic every changing environment of insurance policies. One can quickly adapt new business models just by investing into the software development lifecycle. The things one should take care to make a reliable and fruitful insurance software are:

Customer Experience:

The software should be user-friendly and should have fewer complexities regarding logic and UI on the client side. Things should be more in the format of graphs and charts so that user can visualize the whole thing at ease. Also, having an intuitive and clean UI helps on the way.

2. Presence Omni Channel:

One should make the software available on both web and for mobile for a better seamless experience in all the platform. Mobile apps can add tremendous value to the product but if it is getting tough to make a full-fledged mobile app at least start with only showing insights. Make sure the website version is also responsive for all screens.

3. Data Security:

This is one of the most important aspects in this sector of financial service where data’s are sensitive and personal. Make sure it is protected from all types of data breaches and cyber-attacks and intruder. One can implement 2 step verification process along with fingerprint or bio-metric identification for better security. Another best practice is always to encrypt the data to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Investing in machine learning to detect malpractices can also turn out to be profitable.

AVYST is one such company who has already taken care of these things and has their full-fledged insurance software solutions. They have an expert insurance professional team backing up and taking care of the back end databases and encryption so that not a single penny gets out of the way of calculation. They handle the complexities and deliver clean and simple insights even for beginners. From quoting integration, real time analytic, referral management to integrated forms they have it all. They have made the investing in insurance much easier for independent agencies and wholesalers and with their cloud based solution, you can track your workflow on the go wherever you want.

Future of Insurance Software Solutions