a perfect world, most people would like to be their own boss. Most people don’t mind working, but they’d like it more if they could work when they wanted to, take days off when they wanted to, if they didn’t have to answer to a boss, and if they could run their own business or be a freelancer. In short, if given the option most people would prefer to work for themselves. Thanks to technology and the rise of the Internet, it’s more possible than ever for people to achieve that dream. It’s rather easy to find work online, either consulting or freelancing, and it’s thus easy to either start your own business or just make money in your own way.

However, the big mistake that a lot of people make is they decide that they’re just going to work from their apartment. Rather than going into an office or finding a coffee shop to work at, they make the executive decision to save a little bit of money and just work from home. The problem with this is that it usually has a shelf life. While it might work great for a few weeks or even a few months, after a while (for most people) it’s going to become a detriment to productivity. Eventually people start sleeping in a little bit later, they start working a little bit later and ending a little earlier, they take a few more breaks, and before they know it they’re only working for a few hours each day instead of a full workday. Some people can make this kind of arrangement work, but for most people it eventually becomes a problem.

This is why it’s such a good idea for people who work from home, either entrepreneurs or freelancers, to lease an office space get out of their apartment. People are much better off having a place that they go to each day to work than they are if they just stumble out of bed and head to their computer. Productivity goes way up when people actually have a physical place to go to work rather than just sitting home or starting their work from their bed. There have been numerous studies that have been performed, and they all show that on average people are much more productive when they work in an office than when they work at home.

There are other benefits to working in a coworking space or something similar. You get to be around other people who feel the same way that you do about work, other people who are doing their own thing and stepping outside the norms of what people think work should be. Being around those kinds of people can teach you a great deal about the industry and can help to keep you motivated. You just get to vibe off of their energy and be more productive, neither of which is bad. If you’re ready to step out of your apartment and work in a shared office space, consider renting a space from Office Evolution Golden.