There is no question that you need to take care of your teeth and gums if you want to be healthy. There are so many reasons behind this, but they all come down to the fact that the mouth is the first part of the digestive system. If it is not kept clean, bacteria collects there, and ultimately this bacteria is ingested. That is why oral hygiene is correlated with lower rates of illness. Of course, hygiene is important for your basic oral health, as well. Both of these are reasons why it is important to go to the dentist regularly. If you are in need of a pediatric or family dentist in Colorado, you should contact Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry of Centennial.

There are many reasons why it is necessary to go to the dentist regularly, but one of them is the fact that they can clean your teeth to an extent you cannot on your own. Due to specialized techniques and equipment, dentists can eliminate plaque and stains that you may have thought were permanent or simply not noticed at all. Not only does their cleaning process go a lot more in depth than yours, they can even identify the ways in which your oral hygiene regimen might be lacking. This is important because it can help you to actively avoid cavities and periodontal disease on your own. Even if you are brushing and flossing every day, there is still a good chance you are not doing it as well as you should. Next time you are at the dental office, you should make a specific inquiry about how your brushing and flossing habits are going and see if they have any recommendations.

As you likely know, the two big conditions that are directly related to your oral hygiene are cavities and periodontal disease, both of which can set in at any age. Furthermore, both conditions are a direct result of too much plaque being present somewhere in the mouth. In the case of cavities, obviously the plaque is centered on a tooth. Cavities form when a tooth has a portion of plaque that has sat there for too long. Eventually, it begins to deteriorate and dissolve away. The longer this is allowed to continue, the worse the cavity becomes. Because of this, it is important to have a dental checkup every six months. This way, cavities do not have the opportunity to get worse. When they are caught early, cavities are easy to treat. What is especially good about children’s fillings is that those teeth will fall out anyway, so they will not have the filling for life. Periodontal disease, though, is more of a problem, regardless of what age you are. With periodontal disease, the entire gum tissue gets infected, so it becomes much more difficult to treat. Not only that, there is no easy fix for periodontal disease, the way there is for cavities. That is why every pediatric dentist is so concerned with taking care of the gums, as well as the teeth.