Here in Lake Winnipesaukee, people take their boats very seriously. Almost two thirds of the population which surrounds Lake Winnipesaukee owns a boat, and there are another ten thousand or so boats in Lake Winnipesaukee boat storage, which are rented out to the thousands of tourists that flood the area each summer. Indeed, there is hardly an area in the country where you will find more avid boat enthusiast than in Lake Winnipesaukee, so when the new line of boats are getting ready to hit the market, the residents get very excited. In this article we will take a look at what hot new boats are coming out this summer. More information about boat models that may have already arrived for rental or sale can be found through local boat dealers such as,

The most popular line of boats that will soon be for sale in boat shops all over the Winnipesaukee area are the line of fishing boats with potent new motors. Fishermen are some of the biggest boat enthusiasts that exist today, and they are going to be even more pumped to get out there and hit the lakes this summer when they check out the new, speedy fishing boats that several major boat makers are putting out. Fishermen love to relax and boat, but many fishermen also like to get around the fishing spots with speed. The new fishing crafts are much like any traditional small boat, small and easy to maneuver in shallower waters, but the new boats are equipped with larger engines that make it possible for fishing enthusiast to get around the water at top speeds. Faster fishing boats will be especially popular in Lake Winnipesaukee, as the lake’s large size makes it hard for fishermen to get from one hot spot to the next unless they have a lot of time to be on the water navigating. The new boats for sale which combine speed and fishing boat standards will be a little more expensive than the previous models, but for plenty of folks the extra power is well worth the additional cost.

Another watercraft which is going to be selling out a lot this summer is the deluxe house boat line put out by Rollins. Rollins boats are popular for both fresh and salt water, as they are known for combining luxury and reliability. This year Rollins is releasing their first ever house boat line which combines the fun of being out on the water with the luxury and comfort of being at home. Family members that are less than fanatic about the great outdoors can spend the day in the boat’s living room, kicking back and playing cards. Other people will enjoy the comfortable boat house deck which can be used for fishing or diving into the water for a day of sun and splash. The Boats will be especially popular amongst tourists that come out to Lake Winnipesaukee for a weekend with the family, as they are extremely user friendly and require no foreknowledge of boating.