If you are looking for spine treatments for decompression, then there are many different options for you. Decompression may be needed if you have a herniated disc or lumbar spinal stenosis. There are many different spine treatments that may work for your particular case but you will want to be sure that you find the right type of spine treatment from the right specialist. You can always start by reaching out to experts that deal with both neurological, neurosurgical and orthopedic treatments as they can help you with all forms of treatment options. spine treatment

There are many spine treatments that are used for decompression. Listed here are the top spine treatments for decompression:

  1. Microdiscectomy. This is a type of decompression treatment option that is used to treat a herniated disc. It works as it uses a small incision in the right lumbar level of the slipped or herniated disc and uses an operating microscope. When you use microscope magnification, then the neurosurgeon can make a small opening in the bone’s lamina. This makes it possible to then remove the disc.
  2. Laminectomy. This is the spinal treatment procedure that is used to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. This can be done when the spinous process is removed. The spinous process involves the bony projection from the back of the vertabra. This can also be combined with other procedures as well as using the most minimally invasive surgical techniques that are available. It is a very effective way to treat spinal stenosis.
  3. Foraminotomy. Another type of decompression that you can find for spine treatments is a lumbar foraminotomy. This involves the decompression of spinal nerve roots in the lumbar region. It is done by removing the tissue. Once the tissue is removed, then they are enlarged. The procedure for decompression is done in order to treat another type of stenosis such as foraminal stenosis. This can be combined with one or more of the other types of decompression surgeries. They can all be used with the least amount of invasive methods.

As you can see, there are many different types of spinal decompression treatments. Whether you need one or three of these types of surgeries, then you will need to meet with the right doctor in order to best determine your case and your exact needs. There are many different options for you and it is important to find the right specialist who can help you with your exact needs who won’t jump straight into surgery!

If you are looking for the right specialist, then you will want to ask around to your friends, family, and colleagues to see who they recommend for you. You will also want to look online and do your own research. You can get recommendations from your doctor or neurologist as well. You can also check out the experts over at Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates in order to find the right treatment options for your particular case. They have an abundance of experience with treating issues of the spine. back, and brain.