Back pain is by far the most common affliction suffered by people in this country today. Around three million people visit a doctor due to back pain each year, and back clinics such as,, perform around a half a million back operation annually in order to combat back pain issues. It is not inaccurate to say, almost everyone is going to face an issue with back problems at some point in their lives. The important thing to keep in mind when dealing with back pain is the fact that there are hundreds of new treatment options being made available each year, and each kind of back pain can be addressed and greatly improved, if the right course of action is taken. Here we have made a list of different back issues, and the best ways to treat them. Of course, anyone that is in doubt about back issues they are facing should consult a doctor in order to receive the best possible advice.

The first thing to take into consideration is the length of time an individual has been suffering from back pain. It is very common for people to experience occasional pain in the back due to poor posture or other simple habits. Most medical professionals tell their patients that they probably don’t have to be concerned about back aches unless they persist for more than a few weeks. Anyone who is suffering from pain that has lasted more than a few weeks may have more serious issues that can’t be treated with over the counter pain medications, or which may be becoming progressively worse without treatment. So, if a person’s back pain isn’t a minor issue that comes and goes, then they will most likely need to seek professional back pain treatment.

Certain kinds of back issues can arise from injuries to the body, while others may be the result of a specific condition such as sciatica. Sciatica pain is different from other types of pain because it is the result of a group of damaged nerve ends in the lower back. Sciatica pain will cause a person to feel numbness in their lower back and legs, after they have been sitting for an extended period of time. Unlike simple back pain which may be caused by a pulled muscle or by stress, sciatica pain is a condition which will require a specific sciatica treatment in order to address the issue. Using traditional pain medications to treat sciatica pain can be very harmful in the long run because those medications may mask the sciatica pain as it gets worse and worse. People suffering from sciatica symptoms should seek the advice of a back specialist.

Spinal injuries which often come to light months or years after an injury as another special type of back problem which requires special treatment. While spinal injuries might be treated with physical therapy, there are many instances in which the only way to get rid of the pain caused by a spinal issue is through an operation. People that have been involved in a traumatic accident and are now experiencing back discomfort should consult a spine expert right away.