As a house gets older, the homeowner will need to start repairing and replacing the aging parts of it in order to keep the house is good working order. The windows on a home are no different and will likely need to be replaced at some point. Windows especially are prone to damage from the weather or other external factors because they are made out of glass. The glass in the windows can break from hail or other flying objects (neighborhood baseball for instance.) When the glass of a window is broken, that is an obvious sign that it is need of repair, but how can you tell when the entire window is in need of replacement? Here are a few of the signs:

Your heating and cooling bills are much higher than your neighbors. When new windows are installed in a home, it helps create a seal around the perimeter of the house. This helps the house keep itself at whatever ideal temperature that you have set it to. For example, in the winter time the seals around the windows and the doors will keep the warm air from leaking out around the joints or hinges. The better that the house keeps in the heat, the less the furnace will have to work to keep the home warm. If you have noticed that your energy or utility bills are starting to increase each month but you have not made any significant changes to your lifestyle, then the chances are good that you are loosing energy out of your home. Compare your bills with those of your neighbors to see if there is a trend, and then call in a professional to help you diagnose where the energy loss is coming from. If you notice that the temperature changes when you are standing near a window, then you are likely in need of new windows with better insulation.

The window has fog trapped in it. You have probably seen older windows with this look before: it looks like somehow water has become trapped inside the window and there is now an annoying fog that is disrupting your view out of the window.  When this happens, it means that a seal on one of the panes has been broken and is now allowing air and moisture to seep into the window over time. The space between the window panes is typically filled with an inert gas which keeps the windows looking crystal clear when you look out of them. When the seal breaks, the gas can move out of the window, leaving room for the air to come in and start creating little pockets of moisture. When this happens, it means that you are in need of replacement windows.  Call your professional window replacement company and they can come to your home and examine the windows to see if they need to be replaced or repaired. Windows that have lost the gas pressure between the panes are also more fragile and more likely to break.