Camping can be a great trip to help a family bond, and it can have the added bonus of being a great way to get family members away from phone, television, and computer screens. Without these screens getting in the way, a family can really get to know each other and provide a great opportunity to bond. Some members of the family might be more reluctant than others, so it is important to properly prepare. If you do not properly prepare and something goes wrong or something important is missing, you might have a hard time getting your family to repeat. With proper preparation, there is no reason the entire family can’t enjoy a camping trip in the great outdoors. A list of a few things to remember will be listed below.

  1. Sleeping gear- Sleeping is one of the hardest parts of a camping trip for many people. Having a good place to sleep can make all the difference. If you haven’t used your equipment in a long time, it would be advisable to make sure no pieces are missing or damages. Sleeping gear can include tents, sleep bags, pillows, sleeping mats or cot.
  2. Cooking gear- Being able to eat well on a camping trip can really help keep spirits high. Even if you plan on fishing for your dinner, it would be wise to have a back up plan in case fishing doesn’t end up being very successful or if a family member decides they can’t eat something that they saw alive. Cooking gear can include pots/pans, cooking utensils, plates, eating utensils, tin foil, coals, lighter fluid, napkins, and more. Mentally cooking in your mind and going step by step can help you double check that you have everything.
  3. Food/ Food Storage- Having lots of snacks and plenty of good food for meals is essential for keeping everyone happy. It is important to realize that the hard work that goes into camping can cause you family members to eat more than usual, so stock up and plan larger meals than usual. Also, remember to store your food properly and following the recommendations for the area. Waking up to find that animals ransacked your food is a great way to put a dapper on a trip and make everyone want to head back early.
  4. Permits/ Rentals- Before leaving, it is important to have everything lined up. Nothing could be more aggravating than to travel to the desired camping location to find out that there are no available spots to camp. If you plan on going fishing or hunting, having the licenses on you is essential.
  5. Games/Activities- Enjoying the great outdoors might be less natural to some people than others. Having games can really help. Activities like canoeing and fishing can also be fun.

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