orthodontistIf you have a child, it is likely that he or she will need to visit an orthodontist at some point. Most kids need to get braces or retainers and they need to feel comfortable when going to the orthodontist for these procedures. This is why starting this process when they are young can be the best thing you do, since it will get them used to going to the dentist right from the start. If you are planning on taking your child to the orthodontist soon, we have some things that can make the process easier for everyone.

Answer All Questions

It is likely that your child will have a lot of questions when it comes to visiting an orthodontist. The best thing you can do is to take the time to answer any and all questions he or she has about the process. Children are afraid of the unknown, so by letting them know everything they can expect from the process, you will be making it much easier for them to have a positive experience. No matter how trivial a question might seem, it could make all of the difference.

Visit the Clinic

Another great thing you can do before taking your child to their first visit to the orthodontist is to take them on a test-run. Let them see the clinic and meet the people working there without the pressure of an appointment. If possible, have the orthodontist meet your child, too, since this can help them feel at ease. The more comfortable they are with their surroundings and the more they know what to expect, the better the appointment will be.

Stay Calm

Your child can pick up on a lot of what you are feeling. This means that if you are really nervous about the appointment, they will be able to sense it. Try to stay as calm as possible so that your child can pick up on that, instead. With the right attitude, you can ensure that your child feels comfortable in their first appointment with an orthodontist.

Bring a Toy or Book

If your child has a favorite toy or book that makes them feel comfortable, it can be a good idea to bring this along to the appointment, especially if your child is very young. Something that reminds them of home can help ease fears and lower stress, so take the time to bring it to the appointment.

All of these things can help a child feel much more at ease during their first orthodontics appointment. Your child deserves to have a stress free visit, so be sure to introduce them to the clinic before hand and to answer any questions they may have about the procedures. The more a child knows, the less afraid they will be. The right orthodontist will be more than happy to make this experience easier on your child, so reach out to someone who is experienced with children and who wants to help as much as possible.