By now it is a pretty common thing that in the state of Texas, there are a lot of people who are going through the probation (or as they call it in Texas, Community Supervision) process after having been convicted for a DWI. It is a pretty inconvenient and sometimes terrible thing to have to go through but with drunk driving being such a big problem in Texas, the police department and even the federal government are really getting their hands dirty trying to stop as many people as they can from being on the streets if they have been drinking.

houston dwi lawyerIn all cases, breaking your Community Supervision is a bad idea, no questions. You have been given a chance but now it’s pretty much gone and you have to go straight into clean up mode. Trying to do this on your own though is just about impossible. If you are going to have any chance at all trying to dig yourself out of the consequences of breaking your Community Supervision, you are going to the need the Houston DWI attorneys at Thiessen Law Firm. The Houston DWI lawyers at Thiessen Law Firm are so used to having clients that first got charged with a DWI and then ended up breaking their probation that they have mastered dealing with this process and helping their clients figure out this next step. The fist thing that you can do if you have been caught violating your Community Supervision and you need a Houston DWI lawyer like Thiessen Law Firm is to either give them a call as soon as you realize what the problem is and what you need to do or you can also use their online form and request a free case evaluation.

Once you have contacted the Houston DWI lawyers at Thiessen Law Firm, they will help you figure out what your next steps are going to have to be and what you can do in order to minimize the consequences as much as possible. It is probably not going to be easy but at least they can help you get through and finish up everything that you have to do in order to put this whole thing behind you. Hopefully if this is your first offense as well, the court will take it easy on you and you are not going to have to do too much more than pay a bunch of additional fines, and possibly loose your license for a little bit longer. Depending on the situation, you might also be facing a little bit of jail time but with any luck, your Houston DWI attorney at Thiessen Law Firm can help everything a little bit easier and the repercussions a little bit lighter.
The most important thing for you to do as soon as you realize that you have broken your Community Supervision regulations is to call Thiessen Law Firm so they can make sure that you don’t do anything that is going to end up making it all worse.