There are many different ways in which people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint these days, and some of them are more effective than others. It is clear that one of the worst offenders, when it comes to creating pollution, is transportation. Transportation is responsible for so much pollution mainly because most forms of transportation in the United States rely heavily on fossil fuels. As you probably know, fossil fuels are very bad, when it comes to creating holes in the ozone layer. More accurately, they are good at putting holes in the ozone layer. Because of this, reducing your carbon footprint is tantamount to reducing your consumption of fossil fuels, which basically translates to driving less. One great alternative is biking, and if you want your biking to be more efficient, travel-wise, you should look into electric bikes, such as those sold by Small Planet.

Electric bikes are interesting because they are almost a hybrid between a bike and an electronic means of transportation. Unlike an electric car, though, electric bikes do not ever get plugged in and never need to have their batter replaced. Instead, they contain a very simple battery, which is powered by a generator. The generator is simply attached to the pedals, so that every time you pedal energy gets stored for later use. Then, if you are trying to go up hill or something, the battery will kick in, making it easier for you to pedal onwards. This is good because it helps you to not get tired out, but it is also good because it helps you to get where you are going faster. This is good if you are actually trying to use your EBike for transportation, rather than just exercise. Of course, most of the work is still done by you. In fact, in a strictly technical sense, all of the work is done by you. Some of it is just stored and used at a later time. This is one of the big appeals of EBikes. They enable you to go faster and farther than you ever could on a normal bike, but without the need for battery power or plugging anything into the wall, the way you would with a hybrid or electric car.

Because transportation is such a big cause of pollution, reducing your use of automobiles is a great way to make a dent in the amount of carbon that you are contributing to every day. In some cities, you can rely on public transportation, but in other public transit is lacking, and you are left with little option but to drive. Biking is a great alternative, though, as it is a way to go much farther and faster than you could walking, but without having to use up any fossil fuels or put any pollution into the air. You can even get accessories for your EBike. There are many different bike accessories that can make your cycling experience even better. So, get out and ride a bike.