Though it may not be the thing you think about most, keeping your office building clean is among the most important factors in maintaining your business. Without a clean workspace, not only will workers be less productive, they may even decide to not work there anymore. On top of that, if the situation is bad enough, you may be in violation of health codes. Needless to say, this means cleanliness is of paramount importance. While you can always try to maintain a custodial staff on your own, many companies find it easier and more effective to hire business cleaning services.

Business cleaning services are outside companies that specialize in providing custodial cleaning services to other businesses. Because cleaning is all they do, they have it down to a science. This means that they are probably more efficient and reliable than a regular cleaning staff. Not only that, there are a few other reasons why having an outside cleaning service is often preferable to trying to manage your own custodial department. First of all, with your own custodial department, you have to deal with hiring everyone on your own. There are a lot of logistical challenges to this. You need to be able to estimate how long each cleaning task in your entire building takes, as well as how many people it will take to complete them. There is a lot of analysis required, but if you fail to do it, you could wind up either spending too much money, or not having enough personnel to do the job. The other problem with trying to maintain a custodial staff is the fact that you would need to hire management, in order to make sure everything is handled properly and efficiently. On the other hand, with a commercial cleaning service, literally all of this is already taken care of. In addition to the logistical reasons to utilize a cleaning service, there are also some financial ones. It is often a lot less expensive to consolidate your cleaning into just one outside company. As long as the cost is less than the cost of all of your other cleaning expenses added up, it is still the more cost effective option.

Even if you do not intend to hire a cleaning company for all your cleaning services, you should at least consider making them your custodial equipment supplier. Since they are already in need of large amounts of custodial supplies and equipment, they are the people who get the best prices on them. If you agree to make them your distributor, they may be able to provide you with a special deal, which can save you a ton of money. There are a few ways in which they can do this. One of them is to get rid of all your shipping fees, surcharges, and other additional expenses. This alone can save tons of money, without the need for sacrificing anything. So, consider making the commercial cleaning company your exclusive commercial janitor supplies distributor.