Many people that consume cannabis extracts often have no idea how they are made.  They know that they are some kind of derivative of marijuana, but how in the world do you start with a bright green leafy plant and end up with the marijuana extraction, which is often a clear substance? There are actually a great many different types of extraction techniques, and the products that they produce can vary quite a bit. Butane hash oil is one of the most popular products right now. Butane hash oil, also called honey oil, is a very popular product and has become one of the most prolific types of cannabis concentrates that is purchased today. What many people do not realize is that the process to make this must be done within a contained environment by a professional in order for it to be safe.

The name butane hash oil comes from the way that the final product is achieved: through the use of butane in a closed loop extraction system. Butane is a highly flammable substance and can even cause explosions, so it is extremely important that the proper safety measures are followed in order to get to the end product without burning down your home, or potentially injuring yourself. The second reason that it is vital that the extraction process is done with the proper safety measures in place is that there should be no doubt that the resulting honey or wax is completely free from impurities. Those impurities could be leftover traces of butane, which is toxic when ingested, or it could be small leftover pieces or plant matter from the original plant or even pesticides and other microorganisms.

The extraction equipment that is needed to make butane hash oil is easy to obtain, many people can buy whole kits online, but just because you can order something on the internet does not automatically mean that you should, or that it is considered safe to use. People that are successfully making butane hash oil are often working out of a licensed lab that has precautions in place to keep the process safe.  This is not a science experiment that you should be trying in your kitchen, or in any environment outside of a well ventilated and controlled setting. If you have the proper training and you want to attempt to make butane hash oil on your own, the very best advice that can be given to you is to first start out working for a licensed lab to learn the process. This will give you a controlled way to learn the process and someone else will  on hand in case you have a question or there is an emergency.

Creation of butane hash oil is a popular business, and it is an exact science. You need to be comfortable with the concepts of chemistry and how to work in a lab, so if you really want to get started in the marijuana extraction business, send in your applications to extraction labs and enroll in some chemistry classes.