Office space has been a hot topic in business magazines and business conferences over the last couple of years. When we look back on the history the American office hasn’t changed a great deal over the last hundred years, which is odd considering the fact that almost everything else concerning business has changed dramatically over time. Business people from all different areas of industry have begun rethinking what they want out of an office, and many of the trends from past years are going out the window. New office leasing agencies such as, are offering a range of new office concepts that give businesses a wider range of choice as to what they can find in their office space. Here we are going to take a look at some of the ways that offices are changing today, and why they offer better office space.

One of the hottest concepts in modern offices is to move the office out of the traditional office space and into new areas. Surprisingly, business owner’s homes are one of the most common places for new offices to be set up. The idea that an office has to be in some corporate building is losing popularity with business people today, as more and more business is being down outside of the office. Company heads are moving their workspace right into their own homes, something which has a number of big advantages.  Frist, a co-working space in the home means that the owners of companies can count their houses as possible tax deductions. The government allows people to declare their main worksite as a tax deduction in many states, and tax codes relating to residential areas are often much more relaxed than in the heart of business districts. Having the home as the main office also allows business people to use virtual office services for the majority of their office needs, and save a huge amount of cash on staffing an office which may not even be used more than a few times per month. In fact, money spent on a fulltime office staff is becoming increasingly seen as a waste of valuable company resources. In other countries like Japan and South Korea, it has been common to use the home as the main office for decades, and it seem that the concept is starting to catch on here ii  our own country.

Another popular approach to modern office space is sharing an office with several other companies. Just twenty years ago, the idea of sharing an office with other companies was almost unheard of. The only time business owners shared office spaces was because they lacked the money to rent their own office. Today however, nearly half of all new companies are opting to rent an office with other agencies in order to save money on rent and bring more people through their offices. In a recent study by the Business Insider, companies that shred offices enjoyed higher profits than those that don’t share officer almost eighty percent of the time.