shared office spaceThese days, one of the most common office space options is the open-office setup. This allows an entire team to be together throughout the day, allowing them to have access to their supervisors, too. Although there are many benefits when it comes to an open office, there can also be some drawbacks. Lack of focus because of the many distractions available can be an issue, which is why it is important to know how to refocus your team when it is necessary. We have some strategies to help with this issue.

White Noise

A good way of letting people work without distractions is to provide them with a stream of white noise. This can be done online or you can provide your employees with iTunes suggestions of channels that help the mind focus. White noise is a great way to do this, since it cancels out extraneous noises. For many offices, this is the perfect solution to having many people working together in the same space.

More Monitors

This may seem like a strange way to focus people, but having more monitors can actually reduce the distractions that might catch their peripheral vision. When the eye has more to focus on, it will be less distracted by things it sees peripherally. For open office spaces that do not have any kind of desk separators, this is a great idea.

Quiet Spaces

It is important to offer your employees quiet spaces where they can go to read an important document or to just step away from the noise for a bit. It can be a good idea to set up a library-style room where phone calls and talking are not allowed. There also should not be any laptops or computers, so that there is no sound of taping keys, either. If someone is feeling overwhelmed with the noise level, they can unwind in this room. This will also make it possible for people to step away from their monitors and rest their eyes.

Listen to Employees

It is very important to listen to your employees when it comes to their needs in an open-office. They will tell you what they prefer and what makes their jobs easier. Take suggestions, especially if you do not have to be part of the open-office setup, because they will know what will help make them work better. Be sure to ask them if there is anything you can provide that can help them focus as they work.

For many companies, an open-office setup works wonderfully. It provides employees with ways of working together and of efficiently completing projects. Of course, it is also very important to keep in mind that it can be overwhelming to work in an open office space. This is why having quiet areas and white noise options can make a huge difference. A company like Office Evolution can help you set up the best office space for your business and for your employees. With a great open office, you can expect to start seeing improvements in your company.