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THE TURQUOISE DRAGON by Jane Toombs  (Devine Destinies)Cozz: A dragon who fears becoming an outcast lays a wrong color egg. It’s not in her nature to destroy it. Is that alien machine outside her cave her answer?

Earth: What happens when a young woman born to die and an impossible beast fall in love?

WATCHER AT THE DOOR by Jane Toombs  (Red Rose Publishing)Sarah Volek is called home by a terrible tragedy, both her parents perished when their house in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula burned. Ivor, Sarah’s young brother was away at boy scout camp the night of the fire and is now her responsibility. They’re spending the summer at their folks’ cabin in the woods while Sarah considers what to do.
SHADOW ON THE FLOOR by Jane Toombs  (Red Rose Publishing)Ghosts from the long-ago past haunt the old Barker House, one locked away, the other only a shadow on the floor of one room. Old Charles Barker, occupying the house, runs an ad for a live-in house aide. Natasha Wycoff, using the alias Natalie West while she flees from an abusive husband, answers the ad. The old man watches her avoid stepping on the shadow, and decides she’s the right person. When his nephew, lawyer Devlin Longridge, who comes to check on his uncle every day, meets her, he’s not so sure.. Instincts honed from his time as a special ops officer make him wonder why this good-looking young women has taken a low-paying job in an isolated old house.. She’s wary of Dev. Despite this, unwanted attraction flares between them. Meanwhile, the ex-husband, determined to locate and kill her, is tracing her flight. Only the ghosts, one a victim, the other a killer, are aware the explosion of violence to come will liberate them.
TWO HEARTS AND A CROW by Jane Toombs  (Devine Destinies)Ravens are common in Alaska, crows are rare. Especially a disabled talking crow like Iago.

Women who hold out for marriage are rare in Alaska, but the heroine persists.

Men who want no part of marriage are common in Alaska, and the hero is one.

What happens when these three form a triangle?

FLYING HIGH by Jane Toombs  (Devine Destinies)A barnstorming pilot fresh from WWI and a young woman who is trying to find her place in Al Capone’s Chicago. A bootlegger’s daughter and a wealthy devil-may-care good-time-Charlie. A devious French pilot and a wealthy, but innocent gal. In the midst of parties with illegal booze, where everyone kicks up their heels to the Charleston, will any of them find happiness? Only if they pay attention to what the Ouija Board tells them and manage to outwit the dangerous bootleggers hunting them down.


HALLOW HOUSE, PART TWO  by Jane Toombs  (Books We Love)A house built for love and cursed with death. Two children, one will live, one will die. Magic potions and secret rooms. Is there a curse or does evil reside with innocence. What is the real secret of Hallow House?



HALLOW HOUSE by Jane Toombs  (Books We Love)A house built for love and cursed with death. Two children, one will live, one will die. Magic potions and secret rooms. Is there a curse or does evil reside with innocence. What is the real secret of Hallow House?



UNWANTED by Jane Toombs  (Eternal Press)Unwanted: In the world into which redhead Ella with her green eyes falls, red-haired green-eyed women are killed on sight as witches… Red-haired, green-eyed Ella Mack is lucky enough to cheat death when her car skids off a Nevada cliff. She falls into the Underworld, but lands in a country where red-headed women with green eyes are considered witches and killed on sight. How can she stay alive in a strange land where she doesn’t even speak the language?


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TEN PAST MIDNIGHT by Jane Toombs  (Books We Love)Six stories and three poems on the dark side of paranormal. Everything from ghouls to the heart-eating Egyptian beast who decides one’s fate. Even the touches of romance are definitely different. But what traveler can expect the norm when on the wrong side of midnight?

Ten past midnight
All’s not well
Every road goes right
To hell…


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DRAGON’S STONE by Jane Toombs  (Devine Destinies)Centuries ago, Merlin stole forbidden magic from the immortal black dragon to try to save King Arthur. To prevent the dragon from exterminating mankind in retaliation, Merlin set wards that forced the dragon into the depths of a mountain cave in Wales. But wards fail with time. To prevent the dragon from escaping, one of Merlin’s blood and another of dragon’s blood, plus a third, must reset the wards as they weaken. When the last of Merlin’s blood and the last of dragon’s blood left Wales for America, the evil within the dragon came, too. He is now tethered in the depths of an abandoned copper mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But the wards are failing and those who must reset them aren’t aware of their duty. If this evil isn’t contained chaos will be let loose. And time is running out.

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UNWISE:  Book 1 in the Underworld Series by Jane Toombs   (Eternal Press)A fairy tale about an innocent princess who believes what happens to her is a romantic dream. She has no idea the dream was a reality with consequences that will threaten her very life. How can she save herself and those she loves?

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LADY LUCK by Jane Toombs   (Champagne Books)What does a P.I. in search of a man who triggers illegal payoffs from slot machines, and a staid gal who’s a CPA, traveling on the gambling cruise ship as a bridge partner for an elderly aunt have in common? Maybe nothing until an uninvited Wheel of Fortune Tarot card enters the scene and alters all their lives.
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DRAGON’S DIAMOND by Jane Toombs   (Devine Destinies)A man regains consciousness lying naked on an isolated beach. He remembers only his first name. He doesn’t recognize his surroundings, nor recall who he is. More dangerous, he doesn’t know what he is–or that the fate of mankind rests on his remembering.

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DRAGON’S PEARL by Jane Toombs   (Devine Destinies)Centuries ago, Merlin stole forbidden magic from the immortal black dragon to try to save King Arthur. To prevent the dragon from exterminating mankind in retaliation, Merlin set wards that forced the dragon into the depths of a mountain cave in Wales. But wards fail with time. To prevent the dragon from escaping, one of Merlin’s blood and another of dragon’s blood, plus a third, must reset the wards as they weaken. When the last of Merlin’s blood and the last of dragon’s blood left Wales for America, the evil within the dragon came, too. He is now tethered in the depths of an abandoned copper mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But the wards are failing and those who must reset them aren’t aware of their duty. If this evil isn’t contained chaos will be let loose. And time is running out.

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FORSWORN, BOOK 4 IN THE TEMPLE OF TIME SERIES by Jane Toombs   (New Concepts Publishing)Petra has loved Renz long before he became a Blood Taker with fangs. She knows they have a long and perilous journey ahead of them to the Dismal Tower, but will they be able to find a cure before he is taken away from her forever?



NIGHTINGALE MAN by Jane Toombs (Champagne Books)Also Available in Large Print from Ulverscroft.

During World War I, Luke is recruited by the British Secret Service from the American pilots flying with the French Air Force. He’s told his mission is to rescue Nurse Edith Cavell, captured by the Boche, imprisoned in German-occupied Belgium and doomed to be shot as a spy.

All too soon his mission becomes a challenge to stay alive. Who’s double-crossing him?

Can it be the English gal he’s falling in love with?

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NULL AND VOID by Jane Toombs  (Red Rose Publishing)Two ten-year-old girls, Ari and Mandy vanish. One is found so traumatized she can’t remember what happened or who she is. A barrette in her hair with a name on it identifies her as Ari. An uncle and aunt arrive and take her away from Null House. Her memory never returns. Twenty years later Mandy’s grandmother invites her back to help identify a woman claiming to be the long lost Mandy. Ari’s never told anyone about the child’s voice in her head that whispers to her at night. She doesn’t want to go, but the voice tells that she must because now it’s time.


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ONCE AN OUTCAST by Jane Toombs  (Champagne Books)When beautiful half-gypsy Jehenna Scovia is thrust aboard an orphan train by a man employed by her father, she knows she’s an outcast. Nathan Cohen, hired by her father to find her and bring her home, believes she’s a runaway. She’s good at eluding him, but he’s even better at finding her. Each time they connect, the spark between them scares them both. What will happen when it bursts into flame?


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CREOLE BETRAYAL by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

In the early 1800s, Jurissa Campbell Winterton, pressured into marriage to a man she scarcely knows, sails with him from Boston toward New Orleans. Since her husband, Philip, double her age and fond of alcohol, is ill and can’t tolerate her presence, Jurissa spends much of her time alone on deck. There, she meets a dashing Creole gentleman, Leon du Motier, who’s entranced by her beauty and pays romantic court to her. The result is they both fall madly in love.  Order              Read Excerpt

LOVE MEDICINE by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

Bramwell Sumner, a hot-shot Philadelphia lawyer, travels into the Minnesota Territory to intervene when he believes a con woman is tricking his wealthy stepbrother, Ronald, into marriage. Upon his arrival, however, Bramwell discovers that Ronald has already left his residence, and he fears he is too late. Fueled by indignation and determined to stop the wedding at all costs, he hunts down Ronald’s supposed fiancé, Jennara Gray, an attractive and determined frontier doctor.
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SWEET HAWK OF LOVE by Jane Toombs (Freya’s Bower)

Aldis leads a lonely life, trusting no man and sure she is right in her restricted life plan. Coleman is a free soul, tending to ride roughshod over obstacles. When love comes calling, how can she learn to fly free? And how can he learn to rein in?


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MISCHIEVOUS MUSIC DUET by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

Two complete Regency Romances in a single volume.

A Mischievous Matchmaker  – Wade Mathias, third Earl of Kendrick, and Elnora Precott, a parson’s daughter, meet at a sordid baby farm, each there to retrieve a baby girl neither has ever seen. When, from three almost identical babies, they both pick the same infant, the stage is set for conflict and chaos. And when they wind up reluctantly cooperating to take all three children, the stage is also set for mischief and magic.Music Of The Heart – Juliet Grant meets Malcolm Rothwell, Lord Talland, at the Valentine Ball, and though he’s about to leave for the war, he promises to meet her at the ball the following year. But Malcolm breaks his vow. Once he returns from the war, he holes up at Hart’s Hall, refusing to see anyone, let alone attend social events in order to meet with his beloved Juliet. It takes his well-meaning but devious Aunt Elaine and a dulcimer to make the ancient rhyme of Hart’s Hall come true and reunite the heartbroken lovers. But will her plan succeed?

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NORTH OF NONESUCH by Jane Toombs (Whiskey Creek Press)

North Of Nonesuch–a magical place in the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where the real world can be invaded by strange occurrences.From shifters to djinns to vampires, to ghosts, anything may happen here. Danger, suspense and love happens to all who live in or enter this wonderful world.


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THE FLAME by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

Mary Vere, servant girl, is determined to become a lady and locate her missing father. When the chance arrives to make her dreams a reality, she leaves Alabama for California and gradually reinvents herself into the alluring and mysterious Monique Vandreuil.Available November 2008.

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TRAITOR’S KISS by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

Newly arrived in Devon, England, American Nara Winfield is furious when her secret love, Dan, turns out to be Rolfe Daniels, the person who will inherit Winfield Hall after her father dies. She’ll never forgive the dashing man for his masquerade, though his kisses are hard to forget. But is there a more direct heir to the estate than Rolfe? That possibility arrives by way of a man from Singapore. Her father immediately sets sail to find and claim his son by his first wife, who died in Singapore long ago, with their son supposedly dying with her.

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LOVE’S SAVAGE SISTER by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

When Rosalind travels from New York to the Michigan wilderness to find her father, she encounters a hated Rebel and struggles against her instant attraction to him. And once she arrives at her destination, she’s shocked to discover she also has a half sister named Cosy, not only the same age, but part Chippewa, “a savage,” in Rosalind’s opinion. To make matters worse, when the Rebel, using an entirely different name and hired by Rosalind’s father, also shows up in the wilderness, she finds she can no longer denounce him.

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REBEL’S REVENGE by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

Upon discovering her father, a Union doctor, is ill and imprisoned in Virginia’s infamous Libby Prison, Barbara Thackery is determined to travel south from Ohio to bring him the medicine he needs. Her attempt to catch a train, however, results in her being hauled into a boxcar by Rebel prisoner Trevor Ishmael Sandoe, a Confederate officer who escaped from the stockade on Johnson Island, just offshore from her home.

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THE DARK LIGHTHOUSE by Jane Toombs (Champagne Books)

Both love and danger confront P. I. Lisa Womack on the Northern California coast as she searches for her dead father’s past. She’s attracted to the man living in the Keeper’s cottage at the lighthouse, but why does Mark Trenton seem to know her, when she’s never met him before? And how can she trust him when she knows he’s hiding secrets?
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A DECEPTIVE BEQUEST by Jane Toombs (Amber Quill Press)

In the country, Ashley Douglas sees a young man overturn his boat. She can swim, and, believing he is drowning, leaps in to save him. She’s mortified, however, when he winds up pulling her to safety. She discovers he’s Lord Damon and, worse, not only does he call her Miss Blake, but dares to kiss her. She arrives home, drenched, and finds even more upsetting news.
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DANCE OF THE CEDAR CAT by Jane Toombs (Eternal Press)

When the moon is full, Sussie Sironen struggles with a wild impulse to dash out and dance naked under its silvery rays. When, unexpectedly, something out there calls to her to join him in dancing, her fear drives her to enact a Finnish rite with a cedar cat that temporarily kills the desire. What waits in the moonlight? And what will happen if her yearning grows too strong to resist?
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MOONDARK by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

Andrea Sullivan receives a French Tarot card in the mail with a cryptic message that sends her hurrying from her home in Michigan to Gatineau Park in Canada’s Quebec Province. She expects to meet her best friend there, but instead finds Yvonne, her friend’s ten-year-old daughter who tells her both parents are dead and begs for help.
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TEMPLE OF SERPENTS by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

When Dr. Halona Moore joins the staff of the California hospital as its pediatric resident, she is unaware that a vicious baby killer is watching her every move. But Harris Macklin, a disillusioned cop, becomes very much aware of Halona’s danger, as well as the murderer’s connection to a mysterious and eerie temple.
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LOVE’S LAST STAND by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

At Fort Abraham Lincoln in the Dakota Territory, as General Custer gets ready to make his Last Stand, Nona Willard struggles with her own problems. Once she believed love was a pure emotion, not involving erotic feelings, the kind of love she feels for her sister’s army officer husband. Devil-may-care journalist Spencer Quinlan, however, waits at the fort with another journalist to accompany Custer, and Spencer’s attentions soon threaten Nona’s belief.
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LORD DEVLIN’S DILEMMA by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

Miss Jane Sterling, an American, has come to live in the property she inherited—Lyon Hall. With the hall, she also inherited the King’s Cloak, which she appreciates as an antique, but has no idea of its hidden value. Lord Devlin, however, knows exactly what this ancient cloak can reveal and is on a mission from the crown to obtain it.
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SNOW FLOWER by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

When Kegan Kendall, an English aristocrat in 1812 America, rescues an Indian Maiden held captive by the Sioux, he has no idea his life is forever changed.

Snow Flower, a respected Mide shaman among the Anishinabe, has vowed never to wed a white man. But Kegan’s rescue changes her mind—and her life.

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THE BEAST: Shadows In The Heart Anthology by Jane Toombs  (Whiskey Creek Press)

What really did happen at the Saints and Sinners Halloween costume party?


THE TURQUOISE TALISMAN : Tales From the Treasure Trove Anthology Volume III by Jane Toombs  (Whiskey Creek Press)

Grandma Toivi always told Ella Rose that trouble comes in threes. She decides her grandmother was right when a great-uncle’s death brings Ella the bequest of an ancient Eastern dagger with a turquoise hilt, a mysterious stranger shows up, claiming he’s a gift of the dagger and danger stalks her.

THE TURQUOISE CAT: Tales From the Treasure Trove Anthology Volume II by Jane Toombs  (Whiskey Creek Press)

When an eccentric great-aunt dies, Olivia Sumner unexpectedly inherits her old mansion on Lake Superior, plus an odd turquoise curio of a creature half human, half cougar. With no idea of what this talisman means, she faces a terrible danger, one she never dreamed could exist. Is Raoul DeKalb, the enigmatic DNR officer, on her side, or is he part of the danger?

FIRE GRIFFIN by Jane Toombs  (Mundania Press)

Seth Kinman’s annual Leonid party becomes exciting when an apparent meteorite strikes a nearby pond. Seth, his girlfriend, Kara, and Danny, the young son of one of Seth’s friends, find what they believe to be meteorite shards in the form of oval rocks. What happens next will be the surprise of their lives-if they manage to survive it…
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TOWER OF SHADOWS by Jane Toombs  (Champagne Books)

Tina’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she is not the free spirited gypsy girl she thought she was, but an heiress to a small fortune and a stately old mansion. But as she returns to her roots to claim her life and her inheritance, she finds danger around every corner. Jason Ward is taken by the dark haired beauty he meets on a train, but more intrigued by the men following her. She’s oblivious to the danger she is in and he welcomes the opportunity to get closer by providing his protection while keeping his own secrets safe. But the tarot cards say that deception is in Tina’s future. Will Jason be the one who will betray her?  Order                Read Excerpt

LADIES OF THE LAKE by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

Fiery-haired Octavia travels far from the drawing rooms of her native England to the new United States’ Lake Ontario. Stranded by the war of 1812, she’s surprised to find herself drawn to the wildness of a Seneca warrior…

Silver Grass, Octavia’s daughter, fleeing from the white men’s attacks on her people in New York States, finds refuge near Lake Superior with the Chippewa. Her heart dark toward all whites, how can she admit to any attraction when blacksmith and copper miner Olav Johanson courts her?  Order                 Read Excerpt                 Read Review

AN IMPROPER ALLIANCE by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)

Spinster Celeste Prescott has no use for rakes. The Earl of Campion has no time for straight-laced young ladies. Fate throws these two unlikely-to-suit the other into a situation where both are striving to keep a love-struck young lady and a lovesick prince apart.

Just when they think they may have prevented any chance of the prince and his love ever getting together, Celeste and the Earl find themselves mired in the quicksand of overwhelming mutual attraction. Impossible! Surely sense and sensibility must triumph over what can’t possibly be love…  Order                 Read Excerpt

BECOMING YOUR OWN CRITIQUE PARTNER by Jane Toombs and Janet Lane Walters  (Zumaya Publishing)

Not everyone has access to a good critique group. If you’re on your own and need someone to help polish your manuscript so it shines in the eyes of agents and editors, look no farther. Using examples from their own work and a huge dash of humor, veteran authors Jane Toombs and Janet Lane Walters guide both the new writer and the experienced through the labyrinth of self-editing.  Order                 Listen to Authors Access interview with Jane Toombs and Janet Lane Walters

SEACLIFF HOUSE by Jane Toombs  (Champagne Books)

Esma Drake, fresh from the orphanage, arrives at Seacliff House to care for sickly five-year-old Alisette. Esma soon finds the household uneasy. The child’s father, and captain of Sea Dragon, Stephen Nicolai, is years overdue at port, and, to Esma’s distress, the child’s mother ignores the little girl. Then Stephen returns–with amnesia, recognizing no one. When he at first mistakes Esma for his wife, the terror that soon engulfs Seacliff House begins.  Order               Read Excerpt

THE WRONG GIRL by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)Only a rogue would trifle with a lady’s affections, Maud knew. Yet she was ready to forgive Lord Montrain, until he had the effrontery to ask her help in pursuing her beautiful older sister’s affections. He deserved the comeuppance she planned—until her whole world turned topsy-turvy when she discovered nothing at all was what it seemed to be.

Deception is everywhere, even in the attentions of the mysterious Frenchman who is a guest at Maud’s home. She must learn the hard lessons of who to trust and who not to, in order to survive and find her way to love.

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HAGS, SIRENS, AND OTHER BAD GIRLS OF FANTASY by Jane Toombs  (DAW Books)From hags and harpies to sorceresses and sirens, this volume features twenty all-new tales that prove women are far from the weaker sex-in all their alluring, magical, and monstrous roles.


NIGHT OF THE OWL by Jane Toombs  (Wings ePress)A serial killer is stalking and killing redheaded women in the thick, gray, silent fog that often shrouds San Diego nights — the fog is the killer’s friend. Trying to resume her life after an unpleasant divorce, red-haired Sara Henderson is wary of the two new men in her life.

Could one of them be the killer? She befriends a mute psychic boy who could tell her about the dangerous man with the owl tattoo who prowls the streets on those misty nights — if only he could speak.

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FORLORN, BOOK 3 IN THE TEMPLE OF TIME SERIES by Jane Toombs  (New Concepts Publishing)Forced to flee or die, Wilda discovers the only way to stay alive is to venture to a place no sane person would go … into the forbidden Temple of Time. But there she discovers more than safety … she finds another world … and love….


A MOST UNSUITABLE BRIDE by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)Deirdre Darrington’s widowed father marries unexpectedly. Deirdre accepts her new family, only to be crushed when she discovers the man of her heart, Clive Shadbourne, is engaged to Phoebe, the elder of her stepsisters.

After Clive goes off to war still unwed, the Darrington family is invited to Harmon Hall, where all three young women meet Edward Fox, who will one day be Lord Harmon. A notorious rake, Edward sets his sights on both Deirdre and Phoebe—not for marriage but for dalliance.

But what will happen when Clive returns to London, traumatized by the wound that left him with an ugly scar?
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DANGEROUS MEDICINE by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)When a red-haired nurse comes to work at California’s Harper Hills Hospital, fireworks erupt. Nurse Lynn Holley, attempting to make a new start, believes she’s left her past behind her in Boston. And she intends to have nothing to do with men—especially doctors!

Dr. Nick Dow, however, does his best to change Lynn’s mind about men, never dreaming that when her past catches up with her, his plans for seduction will throw them both into deadly peril.

Though it’s not her fault, Lynn’s arrival in California plunges the entire hospital into turmoil. Because of her, lives change—for better or worse. And when doctors like Nick Dow vie for Lynn’s attention, they are unaware that any man who gets close to her is marked for fiery death…
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A BEGUILING INTRIGUE by Jane Toombs  (Amber Quill Press)Justine Riggs expects to despise Quentin Fletcher when she, disguised as a male jockey, challenges him to a race set up by Lord Alton, a so-called friend of his. She’s ahead, winning, when she sees runaway horses dragging a carriage. At the risk of her life, she veers off course and halts the panicked carriage horses. Saving Mrs. Baldwin’s life drastically changes Justine’s future.

Both being stubborn, Justine’s and Quentin’s stormy relationship seems doomed to fail until Lord Alton reveals his true, dastardly colors…
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THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND by Jane Toombs  (Champagne Books)Arno’s wife is angry because he won’t be home for Christmas–never mind that he’s promised her a fabulous gift. But neither of them have any idea that the gift he’ll wind up bringing back to her will be truly the only one of its kind…


THE TURQUOISE MASK: Tales From the Treasure Trove Anthology Volume 1 by Jane Toombs  (Whiskey Creek Press)An unexpected inheritance plunges Jamie Lowell into a dark whirlpool of danger as she follows clues left by her father to where a treasure is hidden. Can she trust Zach Tregath to help her survive the dance of death that waits for her, or is he part of the evil?


GAMBLING TROUBLE: The Trouble with Romance Anthology by Jane Toombs  (Treble Heart Books)Trouble, the black cat, a traveling ambassador of romance, shows lonely hearts that love is just around the corner, or found in a new location, or even at a blackjack table.
HUGGER DOLL by Jane Toombs  (Double Dragon Publishing)When a hugger doll enters Hally Varney’s life she doesn’t at first understand the danger. But Police Sergeant Clint Hendrick soon realizes that he should have paid more attention to his old granny’s superstitions. He’s discovered the hard way that hugger dolls do exist and he’s got to figure out how to get rid of this one before it kills any more people. Before it kills him and then turns on Hally…
HIGH RISK by Jane Toombs  (Champagne Books)Three women flee through mountains that took their friend’s life earlier. Now a violent storm rages while a deadly killer trails them…
WINTER ENCHANTMENT: Jewels Of The Quill Christmas Anthology by Jane Toombs  (Whiskey Creek Press)The Earl of Malden, cynical and embittered, is not planning to celebrate Christmas at the Hall. He’s vowed he has no use for friends, much less love. But when a cat falls into his bedroom through the chimney, a baby is left on his doorstep and a damsel in distress needs rescuing from a blizzard, his vow begins to come unraveled.


FORSAKEN, BOOK 2 IN THE TEMPLE OF TIME SERIES by Jane Toombs  (New Concepts Publishing)

When Charis, a phantasm who dwells within the Temple of Time, meets Prince Xenon, she discovers that he has sought refuge within the temple from assassins. He has not escaped, however, only temporarily eluded them, for the assassins pursue him even into the temple itself and only with her help can he survive.  Order

FORBIDDEN, BOOK 1 IN THE TEMPLE OF TIME SERIES,  by Jane Toombs  (New Concepts Publishing)On the planet of Tonapa, in the city of Mizpa, a Verbot Virgin enters the mysterious Temple of Time on a quest for a stolen talisman critical to the welfare of her people. She knows the Temple allows a one time entrance only, but hers is a one time quest. Though she triumphs over dangers to her life, she doesn’t sense any danger to her heart until it’s too late. When Zareen faces the choice of completing her quest or remaining with the man she’s come to love, can she find a way to solve this dilemma?.


DETECTIVE DADDY by Jane Toombs  (Silhouette Special Edition)What happens when a divorced, never-marry-again cop is stranded by a storm in an isolated cabin with a single woman about to deliver her baby?



HARTE’S GOLD by Jane Toombs  (Ulverscroft Large Print)Carole Harte had never dreamed that she could be so attracted to a man or that any man could be so perfect. Trouble is, she’s never heard of Jerrold Telford! What kind of a film company casts an unknown actor in a leading role? Could this be an elaborate scheme to con her grandmother into parting with her money?
THE LOVELAND CURSE: Alien Encounters Anthology by Jane Toombs  (New Concepts Publishing)Misfit Zenna is thrilled to meet a sexy stranger at Nevada’s Burning Man Festival. But he turns out to be far stranger than she ever could have imagined–so strange her only alternative may be to kill him.Paranormal Romance coming in July, 2003.

Also featuring Dream Guardian by Joy Nash, Stolen Brides by Ashley Ladd and Some Assembly Required by Dominique Tomas.


RACING WITH THE MOON by Jane Toombs (Wings ePress)Vella Frazier has no idea the gift of a wolf belt from a New Orleans shop-keeper will change her life and shred her beliefs. When Guy St. Simon turns up in her home near Lake Superior to reclaim the belt, nothing will ever be the same again for either of them. Or for those afflicted with the hafling curse…
WINGING IT IN THE KITCHEN (Wings ePress)A cookbook by Wings ePress authors, including Upper Peninsula pasties, the same pasties Jane Toombs has the heroine serve the hero in Racing With The Moon. Pasties are a Yooper (that’s what those of us who live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are called) meat-pie delicacy originally from Cornwall. The Cornish would die before they added even one tiny round of carrot, but our pasties have carrots as well as rutabaga, potatoes, onion, and meat.
HURDY-GURDY GIRL  by Jane Toombs (Wings ePress)Orphaned and alone, Merribeth Winston searches for her missing older sister. But is she also searching for love? If so, worldly gambler Brent O’Neal will never be her choice–no matter how wonderful his kisses make her feel. As for Brent, he’s vowed never to marry, and knows better than to trifle with a naive minister’s daughter who thinks a man who gambles belongs to the devil. But when danger throws them together, all bets are off.
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TROUBLE IN TOURMALINE by Jane Toombs  (Silhouette Special Edition)Ex-lawyer David Severin came to Tourmaline to escape his problems. Psychologist Amy Simon came to Tourmaline to solve problems. But working at the counseling center run by David’s aunt, she couldn’t help notice that the brooding, private man had issues. A contemporary romance set in Nevada. (webmaster’s favorite!)



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