’s great to be alive in 2017. If you’re living today then you have access to all sorts of great electronic devices, from computers that fit in your pocket and with which you can call people (smartphones) to watches that tell you how fast you’re walking, where you’re going, and what you have on your calendar. If you’re alive today then you have access to the Internet and it’s wealth of knowledge virtually whenever you want it, and you can hop in a car that’s driven by a computer to take you where you need to go. The world of 2017 is an incredible place, and for much of the world the standard of living has never been higher. There’s still a long ways to go for large portions of the world, but hopefully through smart economic planning, foreign aid, and fair trade deals, these regions of the world can start to rise as well. You’re already seeing it in some countries in the world, and it’s enough to be positive about everyone else’s prospects.

One of the best things about being live today is that you get to take advantage of all of the medical advancements that have come about in the past century. A hundred years ago people barely even knew how to fill a cavity; today, dentists can replace your entire smile or protect every single one of your teeth with dental veneers. If you had a terrible disease like cancer 100 years ago you just got sick and passed away. Today, that can still happen, but there are tons of great treatment options out there that can send cancer into remission and/or allow people to retain their quality of life for a much longer period of time.

One of the great things that’s around these days that wasn’t a few decades ago is cataract surgery. Cataracts are things that grow on your eyes that stop you from being able to see. They’re most common in people of a certain age (read older) but they can happen to people even younger in life. Cataracts are incredibly damaging to eyesight, but thanks to various advances eye surgery they can now be removed with lasers. There’s great technology out there today that allows eye surgeons to remove cataracts whenever they please, and these surgeries allow older people and others suffering from cataracts to regain their vision. It’s an incredible surgery that simply wasn’t around not that long ago.

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