Having a strong and sturdy roof is essential when you live in Colorado.  You need a roof that is rated high enough to handle the extreme conditions that the Colorado weather will expose it to – snow blizzards, rain, hail and wind storms are all common around the year here, and you want to make sure that you are protecting your home and your belongings by keeping a strong and sturdy roof over all of it. When you become a homeowner, there are many moving parts that you have to keep track of in order to make sure that your house is in good repair, and the roof is no exception.  A roof, just like all of your other major appliances such as the furnace, water heater, and your heating and cooling and ventilation systems, requires at least yearly checkups to see if it needs any repairs. Performing these checkups will allow you to catch and address any minor roof repairs that are needed before those minor issues become big expensive problems. A good roofer is essential to this process, so make sure you choose a high quality company that will be around for the duration of your home ownership. Any roofer that you are considering working with should meet at least the following requirements:

  • The roofer carries liability insurance. This is important because if they send someone out to work on your roof and then proceed to fall through your roof and into your living room, you want there to be no confusion on who is paying for the damages. A roofer without proper insurance is not necessarily obligated to pay for a broken window or other property damage that they may cause while they are at your home. If they do not insure their workers, then there is also the potential that you could be held liable if one of them injures themselves while they are on your property. A good roofer carries liability insurance coverage.
  • A good roofer also gives you a concise and comprehensive estimate before they begin any work on your home. Many insurance companies will require estimates before they will approve any roof work done on a home anyway, so an estimate should always be the first step. There should also be wording put into your contract with them that they will notify you in advance before they start any work that will end up taking the cost over their initial estimate.
  • They will work with your insurance company. Since Colorado is notorious for the late summer hail storms that tend to damage many roofs, most homeowners insurance companies are already very familiar with the process of roof replacements. Any roofer that you are considering using should work with your insurance company already. They should also never pressure you to pay them in cash and then reimburse yourself with the insurance checks when they come, that is unethical. A good roofer knows his costs and his schedule, so he should be able to provide you and your insurance company with accurate timelines on when the work will be complete.