The first thing that any homeowner should do when planning to build a custom garage is check with the city to see what ordinances are required before the construction can take place. Many counties require a great deal of paper work to be filled out before a permit is given to a constructor in order to begin building. There are even some towns which have very specific regulations for when and how a new construction can be done. In some cases the city may require that building take place during the weekends only, and other which prohibit construction work from being done during the summer months, as more people are in the street during the summer and the added crowds can complicate work being done. Along with checking with the city, anyone interested in constructing a new garage can also check with certified garage builders such as,, which know all of the ends and outs of garage construction. Once the preliminary information has been gathered together it will be time to move onto the next step in the process which is the design of the garage.

While there are many different places which can assist a homeowner in the design of a new garage, the best possible option will most likely be through custom garage builders. The larger garage building firms tend to have designers on their staff which can assist the owner in creating the garage of his dreams. Using a garage builder in order to design the garage has the added benefit of bringing construction knowledge to the table. Many times homeowners have their garages designed by private house design teams which may create beautiful plans for custom garages, but which might not be realistic when the design plans are brought to the actual builder. The design of a custom garage must also take into consideration aspects such as structural integrity, and being in accordance with city ordinances which may have specific stipulations as to what kind of garages can be built in different communities. Money may also be saved by using the services of just one agency instead of two, and there tends to be a better end result when just one firm takes charge of a plan for a new garage from start to finish.

Once the garage construction company has been hired, the homeowner should realize that the project isn’t going to be completed overnight. If a homeowner is having a garage attached to the home, instead of a detached garage unit, then there will need to be structural work done to the house where the garage will be placed before any work on the actual garage can begin. Depending on the properties individual qualities there might also need to be a complete foundation placed before the work can begin on the construction of the garage. The average garage addition takes between two and three months to complete, but that can change drastically depending on where and what kind of garage the homeowner is having built.