If you are watching TV and are suddenly sitting in a deluge of water, regardless of the time of year, you should call for residential roof repair regardless of the time of year.  However, if you are vigilant about having your roof inspected and maintained, then any roofing issues that occur can probably wait until summer.


Both fall and late summer are the best times to schedule a roof replacement. For one thing, the weather is more consistent and the temperature is not an issue. Therefore, roofers will have no problem adhering new roofing materials to protect your home. Furthermore, anyone up on the roof is less likely to fall due to the roof being slick or due to wind gusts and overheating and heat exhaustion are less likely to be issues.

In addition, the cold, wet weather of winter is not conducive to roof replacement. In fact, some roofers refuse to do tear offs or install new roofing materials when it is cold and snow is predicted. However, if the roof is in very bad condition, an experienced roofer can perform repairs that will keep it intact until it warms up and the weather improves.

While the need for a roof repair is usually unexpected, try to set up a preventative check along with any needed maintenance or repair toward the end of summer as this is when trees are done growing for the season. Not only will you no longer have to worry about cutting and pruning, any roof damage will not get any worse due to growing branches. Furthermore, weather damage from heat and cold also will not get worse during this time of year.

Another reason for late summer to be the best time for roof repair is because if your air conditioning unit or swamp cooler is on the roof, you may have to go without it while the work is being done. It will be the perfect temperature to do so as it won’t be too hot or too cold.

Bear in mind that while late summer is deemed the best time to have residential roofers come out and work, there are some safety issues that need to be taken into account above and beyond being on a ladder and roof. For example, while you may not be battling rain, snow or sleet and ice, keep in mind that there may be a wasps’ nest you didn’t notice hiding near the chimney. In addition, the reflection from some metal roofs can be blinding in the summer which is definitely not helpful.

Regardless of the time of year that you need your roof fixed, it is best to call in professionals like those at Campbell Beard Roofing. They are experienced in repairing all sorts of roofing issues. They are also available to replace aging roofs and add new roofs to new construction. Whatever your roofing needs, they are available, especially if you have no experience being on the roof before.