http://www.dovetailsolutions.comAll business owners and managers know that for their company to thrive they must market it. This might mean marketing on social media and various digital platforms in an attempt to grow their clientele base as organically as possible. It might mean a more traditional strategy with advertisements on TV shows, radio shows, and in papers. Marketing in today’s world can be more subtle, such as search engine optimization, a technique by which companies try to trick search engines into finding their website more relevant and thus putting them higher on their results pages. Whatever the type of marketing that your company engages in, the fact remains that marketing is critical to business success. If you’re not trying to reach out to new and existing customers, then you’re not growing brand awareness and you’re not going to grow your profits.

The mistake that many companies make when it comes to marketing is they try to do it by themselves. They hire a marketing team and keep it all in house. The problem with this is that your in-house team is very rarely going to be as effective as an outside firm would be. Professional marketing firms are experts at what they do, so spending the extra money to hire an outside firm is generally going to produce better results. However, it’s critical that you don’t settle for any old marketing firm. If you’re, for example, looking for a great Denver marketing company, you should find one that offers the following four services.

1. Online Marketing. The first service that they should bring to the table is an expertise in online marketing. The vast majority of people today are spending far more time online than they are watching TV, and this means that companies have to adapt and try to reach people where they are. This means using more social media, posting more advertisements online, and working more with search engines. If the firm you hire doesn’t know much about digital marketing, then it’s time to move on.

2. Traditional Marketing. That being said, there’s still a place for some spotty TV ads and radio ads. If they know a little bit about this too it can’t hurt.

3. Public Relations. Third, it’s always a good idea to find a marketing firm that can handle your public relations for you. This means that they’ll help you craft creative and clever press releases, that they’ll field questions from reporters should they come in, and that they’ll help you mitigate crises by working with the media to convey a specific message. Choosing a firm with some public relations expertise is never a bad idea.

4. Creative Troubleshooting. This isn’t a service per se, but it’s always a good idea to find a marketing firm that solves issues creatively. If they’re willing to think outside the box and help you come up with creative solutions, then they’re going to be the kind of firm that helps you outshine your competition. dovetail solutions is one example of a company that brings creativity to the table.