in a country like the United States often take for granted the fact that they’ll have clean drinking water. No one in the country is old enough anymore to remember when people had to go out to their well to get their water, and most people are now living in cities where they simply turn on the faucet and fresh drinking water comes out every time. People living in modern cities are out of touch with where their water comes from, how much of it there is, and how it gets cleaned to ensure that it’s safe for them to drink. However, some very specific circumstances in the US are making people rethink all of this, and it’s driving the issue of water purification systems into the homes of all Americans.

For decades now, the average American hasn’t had to give any thought to their drinking water. They’ve not worried where that water came from, how it was purified, and were it went when they were done with it. However, incredible droughts in the western region of the country are making states like California think long and hard about where their water comes from and how much they’re consuming. Problems with the crumbling US infrastructure are leading to contaminants getting into water and causing adverse health effects for both adults and children. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is a great example of this. Their elected and non-elected officials decided it was a good idea to start bringing their drinking water from a new stream, a stream that was quite dirty. This water when it came through the old pipes in the city was so corrosive that it broke off the minerals in the pipes and put them in the water. This meant this new water, combined with old pipes, caused the water to get incredibly high levels of lead, making the children in the city very sick and leading to lead poisoning, something that can’t be reversed. As the infrastructure in other cities gets older, this type of thing is going to start happening more often. Thus, homeowners all across the US are starting to think more and more about where their water comes from and how it can be purified once it gets to their home.

The crumbling infrastructure in the country is just one reason why more and more homeowners are considering water softener installation. Such systems are intended to help weed out heavy minerals and metals from the water, making the water “soft” and thus safe to drink. After Flint, more and more cities are beginning to more rigorously test their water, and the results have been less than positive.  It turns out more water than people would have imagined has been contaminated, or it has higher levels of certain things that it shouldn’t. It’s going to be up to educated citizens and companies like AAA BestWater to ensure that every single American is only drinking water that’s completely safe to consume. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help you.