Have you ever heard the story of the copper mugs that serve Moscow mules?  They custom copper mugoriginated in the 1940s at a bar called the Cock’N’Bull in Los Angeles.  The bartender was having a hard time selling of the bar’s house ginger beer and he wanted to clear the shelves.  At the same time, the new owner of a small vodka company called Smirnoff was sitting at the bar complaining of the same problem.  He had just purchased the company from a Russian ex-pat who started the company in Connecticut.  Smirnoff was not a well-known name so it wasn’t selling, and now the bartender had way too much stock of both of these alcohols.  So, to clear the shelves the bartender combined the two and threw in a few other things for flavor and began marketing.

The combination of ginger beer, Smirnoff vodka, simple syrup, and a garnish of lime and mint make up the modern Moscow mule.  This was the bartender’s vision so that he could make room in this stock room and so that the ginger beer wouldn’t go bad.  The drink was great but it needed a boost in marketing.  Luckily, as the same time there was a woman selling her father’s custom copper mugs from his old copper shop in Russia.  This woman had an influx of these solid copper mugs and wasn’t having much luck selling them until she asked the bartender at the Cock’N’Bull.  He saw in these copper mugs the final touch for his new drink.  A unique serving mug for his new drink was exactly what it needed to fly off the shelves, and he was right.  He bought all of the little Russian lady’s solid copper mugs and used them for his new Moscow mule drink.  There are several theories on why the drink was named Moscow mule.  A lot of Americans at the time associated vodka with Russia so many say that’s why he assumed Smirnoff was Russian.  Also, some say that the mule is for the ginger that definitely delivers a “kick” with each drink.  No matter the reason, both the mug and the name stuck and has made a recent comeback.  There was a brief period in the 80’s and during the Cold War that some bartenders boycotted the drink because of its perceived ties to Russia, but the drink is now back in full force regardless of its potential ties.

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