Choosing a place to worship has many facets. All of these facets are important, and they will cause us to have many considerations. The long list can include complex issues such as “Do I agree on the mission of the church?” and “How far is it from my home?” Questions such as these will make our decision a complex, yet good one. Each of the considerations you have will make a better experience if you take the time you need for each on.

On this list how your kids will experience your chosen church is an important one. Your decision on which church to attend will have more value if made as a family. As you make this decision, be sure to consider the various ways your choice can impact your kids. Does the church have a good children’s outreach? Do the services include ways for your kids to http://www.calvarypalisades.orginteract, or are there separate services for them to attend? All of these and more are important to consider when making a choice for a place to worship.

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Do your kids feel comfortable in the church? It is important for kids to feel connected and comfortable. The church should have services and classes geared towards them, and have a decimated staff to help them in their own spiritual journey. This point can not be stressed enough as this is important to the development of your family’s spiritual connection. Having a place where they fee comfortable will allow them to find God on their own schedule and not give the task to you alone.
  2. Do your kids have other friends in the church? This will help them get aquatinted and engaged quickly. Having a friend or peers they can relate will help them acclimate faster. It is important to encourage them to make appropriate friendships, and make them with other like minded kids. This is another important piece of development for them.
  3. Do your kids feel safe? It is important to do a little research and questioning of the churches procedures for hiring and using volunteers. Do the church use background checks? Do they have people who are properly trained and know how to work with kids? All these questions are important, and the more leg work you do, the more you and your kids will feel safe. You want to ensure a good experience for everyone involved. Remember, the goal is to have an engaging spiritual experience for your entire family.

No matter the church you choose, these points are worth considering. You want to be sure each member of your family is engaged and makes spiritual practice an important part of their lives. When you are looking for a church in Santa Monica, do not forgot to consider the needs of everyone in the family. Many folks have a checklist, but often neglect to consider how each member of the family is impacted. This will ensure a long lasting impact, and one that will bring the family together.