As men get older along with other factors, their testosterone levels can go down over time which can affect their performance. A solution that many have turned to is testosterone replacement therapy and have reported that their energy levels, mood, and libido have improved after undergoing the therapy. This has prompted many men to start turning to testosterone replacement therapy hoping that in some way it can actually make their lives better so if you are suffering from low testosterone levels, why not undergo replacement therapy for it?

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Don’t get too excited as a low level of testosterone per se does not actually need to be treated. It is important to note that undergoing testosterone replacement therapy can elicit some side effects. In addition to that, there is still not enough understanding on how replacement therapy can affect one in the long term. Those people who are ideal for undergoing testosterone replacement therapy are those whose low testosterone symptoms are confirmed through blood tests. The best way to really know is to talk with your doctor.

So how do will you know if you have low testosterone levels? Well the key is to watch out for the symptoms. The symptoms can be obvious but it is also important to note that they can be quite subtle. Understand that the decline of testosterone is something normal as men age but there are certain factors that can cause an early decrease causing an abnormally low level of testosterone in young men. The symptoms of low testosterone include the following:

  • Lack of sex drive or libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low energy levels
  • Decrease in muscles
  • Loss of body and facial hair
  • Lack of concentration
  • Irritability

Although you can look out for the symptoms the only way you can really confirm if you are suffering from low testosterone is by undergoing a blood test. This will help show the levels of testosterone and should also be done in intervals to get the consistent level of testosterone. If it is confirmed that one suffers from low testosterone, the doctor will likely recommend for testosterone replacement therapy.

If a man does undergo testosterone replacement therapy, he can find it available in a variety of forms which can increase the levels of testosterone. Different forms of testosterone replacement therapy include:

  • Gels – available in small packets, this type of treatment is applied directly onto the person’s skin which allows for it to be absorbed directly and is recommended to be applied once daily. There are also gels that are to be applied inside the person’s nose instead of on the skin.
  • Skin patch – a small patch which is simply worn on one’s arm or in any area of the upper body which is applied once daily.
  • Mouth patch – This is a tablet which when taken will attach to your upper gums above the incisor tooth. This testosterone replacement therapy is to be applied two times daily and will release a continuous supply of testosterone onto your blood which is absorbed through the tissues inside of your mouth.