Home inspections are an essential part of the selling and buying process of a property.  But did you know that some crucial elements, such as rodents or asbestos, are not routinely covered by many inspectors?  This is a big deal when you are making the decision of a life time to buy a new home.  You will want to know every detail of your new place, especially the parts that could be dangerous.  If you are in the middle of researching a home inspection company, don’t pass up A Better Home Inspection of Colorado.

This company has performed over 2500 inspections and are doing many more daily.  They know which details are important to home owners and they make sure to cover them with radon testingeach inspection.  And unlike many other companies, they always do a thorough inspection that covers asbestos, rodents, mold, radon, lead, and even some aesthetic aspects that you might not notice yourself.  This is all in addition to the standard parts of a home inspection, such as foundation integrity and roof quality.  Your technician should be up on the roof, down in the basement or crawl space, testing the water temperatures, and looking inside each and every nook and cranny.  Regular inspections also include landscape, gutters, heating and cooling, drainage, garages and sheds, flooring, fireplaces, plumbing, attics, ventilation, and even overall appearance of the home.  They leave no stone un-turned with their reports and this leaves many homeowners at ease knowing that they had every inch analyzed.  Radon testing is a big concern in Colorado, and this is a must have on the home inspection list for A Better Home Inspection of Colorado.  If a particular home has been under the same ownership for decades, radon is often over looked because it wasn’t regularly tested for even 10 years ago.  Now that we are aware, it is a part of each inspection.  For those older homes with older owners, however, there may be high levels that have been overlooked.  Often the seller of a home will take care of the radon mitigation very quickly, especially if they are still living in the home because they are putting themselves at risk with each passing day.

So if your home inspection technician doesn’t even address certain details like radon or mold, know that you are not getting what you should be.  Many home inspection companies are suggested through the realtor or a friend and might not necessarily be the best possible option.  If your realtor gives a name, take it politely but still do your research.  After all, a home inspection is arguably the most important part of the entire sale because it could potentially affect the follow-through.  Depending on the inspection, the sale price could be dropped or the contract could even be torn up.  Nothing is set in stone until after the inspection because so many homes go on the market before there is any analysis.  Know what you’re getting into, and get that knowledge from the best of the best because buying a home is no small matter.