The country is becoming very concerned about the global climate changes which are taking place and which have caused significant climatic events all across the world. There is a huge effort being undertaken by millions of Americans in an attempt to reduce the impact which we are having on the earth. New electrically powered cars are starting to appear which promise to reduce the amount of toxic fumes that we produce. Clean energy factories are also on the rise in the county which might be able to help slow the process of global warming which comes from the industrial sector. Individual people are also starting to take action by making changes in their lifestyles in order to help out in the effort to save out plant. One of the most innovative ways which people have started to help out in the fight against global warming is by making their homes more energy efficient and less wasteful places. Landscaping design which uses less water and energy has emerged as one of the best tools for cutting down on waste which people have today. In this article we will go over what sort of landscaping design can be used for energy saving purposes, as well as how they function.

A local landscaping agency, has started to offer consultations on how to create more energy efficient homes. One of their most popular ideas is reducing water consumption by designing landscapes that require little or no water. People love having a nice green yard around their homes, yet maintaining a grass yard is one of the biggest water consumers that exist today. The average grass yard needs around ten thousand gallons of water each year to survive, and when you add up all the homes that have grass yards the numbers are astronomical. One solution which landscape contractors are offering their green minded clients is imitation grass. Imitation grass is made from natural recycled rubber material which is produced for very little cost. In fact, a yard of rubber grass is less expensive than a yard of actual living grass, and of course it lasts for much longer. Imitation grass looks and feels like real grass, but requires none of the upkeep. People not only save thousands of gallons of water each year, they also save thousands of dollars. Rubber grass eliminates the need to hire a lawn mowing service, the cost of watering and fertilizing and the need to replace grass each three years, which is the average lifecycle of the typical grass.

Another way to get rid of energy wasting grass lawns is by replacing them with rocks. In many parts of the country where water is in short supply, rock yards are already a common choice for landscaping around the home. Rock yards are clean, durable and 100 percent energy efficient. Rock beds for yards also come in a wide array of different colors and styles, so people don’t have to sacrifice attractiveness for energy efficiency if they opt for rocks instead of live grass.