Getting a rhinoplasty or a Denver nose job these days has become quite common. In fact, nose job is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure done in the US. It is probably due to the fact that the nose is one of the most noticeable features on our face and people want to make it look as good as possible. Bear in mind that deciding to get a nose job is a big choice that has to be thought about properly. This article is going to focus on the preparations of a nose job and what should be done when you are recovering from one.

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Now before you are going to get a nose job done, your surgeon will give you some instructions to prepare yourself before the operation. In addition to that, a lab test may be done to properly take a look at your nose and nasal structure so that the surgeon may know how to work on it based on how you want your nose to look.

You may also be asked to take a type of medication or even avoid certain medications some time before getting a nose job. If you smoke, then your surgeon will most likely ask you to stop some time before the surgery. It is also recommended to avoid taking herbal supplements, aspirin, and other drugs that treat inflammation due to the fact that these ca increase bleeding.

You are also going to go through a consultation with the doctor or the surgeon performing your nose job so that you will be able to understand the whole procedure and what to expect during the nose job itself. In addition to that, the surgeon will share to you the details of where the Denver nose job procedure is going to be performed be it in a surgical center, a surgical facility or a hospital.

After the nose job is performed, you will most likely have a splint or something placed inside the nose to act as a support for the structure and it will be covered with bandages to protect it during the early periods of the recovery. You should expect to have swelling on your nose but these will go away after a few weeks. Don’t expect for your new nasal contour to be at the most refine stage early on, this may come even after a year you get the nose job done. After the Denver nose job procedure, your surgeon will give to you instructions regarding the following:

  • How you should take care of the nose area.
  • What type of meds to put on the area or that you should take to help the area heal and lessen the chance of it getting infected.
  • Any concerns or special instructions that your surgeon will give you especially if you have a certain condition.
  • How often you should visit or call back and follow up with the surgeon as to how the site is doing.

So that is what a person can expect before and after he gets a nose job.