There are plenty of people who have been combing over the idea of taking an Alaskan train tour these days. Indeed, the popularity of riding the rails across Alaska’s endless beauty is on the rise, as there is hardly a person who hasn’t at one time dreamed of heading out into America’s last great frontier. The diversity of different kinds of tourist is also very impressive considering that most vacation options tend to bring in one or two specific types of tourist. All different kinds of tourism agencies have started selling tourist packages for the Alaskan railroads. Sites like,, receive daily inquiries from people of all ages, and from all over the country and globe. So, the question for many people may be; what kind of person takes an Alaskan train tour?

One of the most popular types of tourist that are using the rails for adventure these days are the elderly. Train vacations are the perfect ay for older people to explore places which would be otherwise impossible to enjoy for people with limited mobility. The modern passenger train is basically a luxury hotel that moves on rails. Inside of a passenger train guests can find dining services, sleeping compartments, areas for socializing and more. Older people like the option of train tourism because it is a form of travel which isn’t taxing on them, but they also like it because many older people grew up in places in which the train was the basic mode of transportation. The railroad industry faded away in this country after the construction of the major highways that allowed people to get from almost any major city to the next on excellent roads, yet there was a time when this country ran on rails. For a lot of the older people that select train trips for their Alaskan vacations, there is a great amount of nostalgia felt by getting back on the rails.

Another group of people that prefer travel by rails in Alaska are young adventurers who are not exactly sure where they aim to go when they set out on their Alaska trip. Using trains to travel around Alaska allows for people to get off the train in towns and cities whenever they get the itch to explore. Trains run through most of Alaska on a daily basis, so people can hop off a train and spend as much time as they wish in the place they want to explore, and then just hop the next train out when they want to continue on their way to a new destination. For young travelers, the idea of freedom is perhaps the most important thing about traveling, and there is no other method of traveling in Alaska which provides the kind of unbridled freedom as the rails.

To sum it up, Alaska rail travel is something which may appeal to all sorts of people, from all different age groups. There is no one specific kind of traveler that is right for the Alaskan rails. The only thing that people who ride the trains through Alaska have in common is their sense of adventure!