People are sick of using pills to treat all their ailments, and are looking to medical cannabis as a way to cut down on their dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. In a recent survey done by a medical research team in California, 85 percent of the people questioned stated that they felt that as Americans we take far too many pills for our mental and physical health issues. It is clear how people feel that they are taking too many drugs these days, and due to the fact that US citizens consume more prescribed drugs than any other country in the world, the way the majority of people feel, is very true. Medical marijuana dispensaries like,, have been reporting a big increase in the number and the variety of medical marijuana clients they have been receiving over the last five years. Sleep problems were listed by the site as the current leading reason why people consume medical marijuana, with stress and headaches coming in second and third respectively. Indeed, the most common thing that you will hear when you ask a person that uses medical cannabis is that they are so happy not to be taking pills all the time as they used to do before medical marijuana came into their lives.

The fact that cannabis has been proven to be so safe is has also made medical cannabis a popular alternative to traditional medicines these days. Report after report has been published stating that the use of cannabis for the long term treatment of many medical conditions is a safer alternative to the leading pill prescribed for said illness. Even mainstream doctors have started to recognize that alternatives to the pills they have been prescribing for years should be considered. A medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado recently hosted a conference in which they invited doctors from all over the state to come and discuss the use of medical marijuana. At the conference, industry professionals demonstrated the latest ways in which medical marijuana is being used. There are now creams with cannabis oil in them which can be rubbed directly onto aching muscles, something which was especially interesting to doctors who often receive complaints from people who suffer from these types of aches. There are sprays which can be taken when a person is having a panic attack which are amazingly effective for treating this debilitating and common problem. The list of uses for medical marijuana goes on and on, and the use of cannabis to treat all the different health issues that are being studied continues to show that cannabis is a safe and natural way to treat illnesses.

Lastly, cannabis is becoming more common today because it just works better for many health problems. Besides being safe, there are several dozen health issues which have been shown to respond better to cannabis than to traditional medicines. People that are sick and who have lost their appetite, find that the use of cannabis is the best way to get it back. Many common problems are best treated with cannabis these days.