When you live in a big city, like Denver, you often have a ton of companies that provide the same services. Commercial and residential roofing is one of those industries that have an abundance of companies who want to work with you. When you have so many companies to choose from, you can afford to be more selective about the company you decide to hire. Today, let’s discuss some of the qualities that set a roofing company a part from the rest.

Commercial Roofing

  • Selection- Different companies will have very different selections. A company that offers a wide selection will help you find exactly what you want. They are also more likely to have a match to what you already have if only a roof repair is needed. Find a company that not only offers a wide selection, but also stands by the quality of products they have. Quality roofing materials will help your roof look good longer and last longer to begin with.
  • Warranty- Warranties vary from company to company. Choose a company that not only stands behind the quality of the products they use, but also stands behind the quality of the work they do. Warranties are a good indicator of both the quality of work and quality of materials. If something does happen, you know that you can trust them to take care of you.
  • Review/Pictures- Pictures can show you examples of the companies work. This will obviously show only their best work though. One of the best ways to know if you want to work with a specific company is reviews.┬áReviews can give you a good idea of all the good qualities a company has and the bad experiences too. For example, you can find out if the company is regularly prompt and polite, or if they are often late or rude. Reviews can also tell you if the roofing job holds up over time and if they give you a hard time when you call in the warranty.
  • Locally Owned- When possible, choose a company that is locally owned and operated. It is always nice to keep money in the local economy, but there are multiple reasons for choosing a locally owned company. Often, locally owned companies can provide better, more personalized service. Locally owned companies will not up and leave for a better location. Since they have a reputation to protect in their communities, they tend to do the best work. They will also be available in the future if a repair needs to be made. This means that your warranties can be used, and you can trust them to match your roof.

Campbell Beard Roofing is a Denver, locally owned residential and commercial roofing company that you trust. You can trust them to have the best quality materials and a great selection to choose from. If you do your research, you will find that the online reviews will show that Campbell Beard Roofing is the best company in the area to work with.