In 2016 leading gutter machine manufacturers such as, have reported record sales of their gutter machines. Not long ago the most common method for construction crews to obtain gutters for their home construction jobs was to order them from large gutter shops which specialize in the production of gutters on an industrial scale. It now appears that more contractors and construction crews have started purchasing their own machines and are making their own gutters on the job. In this article we explore the principal reasons behind the huge jump in the number of construction crews which are buying their own gutter machines.

to begin with, gutter machines were once extremely expensive to own, and even more costly to maintain. The recent developments made in gutter machine technology have made it possible for gutter machine makers to produce machines at a fraction of the cost compared with how much it cost to build the machines a decade ago. Not only are the machines less expensive to make, they are also much more durable, which means people spend less on repairs than they would have had to some years ago. Since more construction crews can afford their own machine they have started to prefer ownership of their gutter machine over the option of paying another company to produce their gutters for them.

If you look at gutter machines from twenty years ago and compare them with those being sold today then another major difference you will notice is the size of the modern gutter machine. Older gutter machines were so large that they had to be kept inside a machine shop, making their use in different locations highly limited. The new gutter machines are small enough that they can fit in the back of a work van and be taken along to the worksite. The amount of cash and time that construction crews can save by being able to make their gutters right at the jobsite is immense. Being able to have the gutter machine right on the site is also a big time saver because if there is an error in the production of a gutter, the crew can simply start making a new one, whereas before they had to issue another order to the factory and sit around waiting for the shop to get to their gutter.

Lastly, the emergence of gutter art has been a major driving factor in the increased popularity of gutter machines today. Gutter art is the use of specialized designs in the production of gutters, and has become very popular all across the country. Contractors have found that they can make a ton of extra cash by offering gutter art to their clients, instead of traditional gutters. In many cases, the construction team will bring the gutter machine to the worksite and offer their clients a demonstration of what unique designs the modern gutter machine can offer them. Older machines are quickly becoming obsolete due to the fact that people now prefer gutter art to traditional gutters.