Windows are definitely one of the most noticeable aesthetic features of a home or commercial building, but they are also important, from a functional standpoint. Not only do they help keep moisture, debris and insects out of your home, they are also a critical aspect of your home’s insulation. This, of course, determines how energy efficient your home is. So, whether you just care about energy consumption for environmental reasons or you want to save money on heating and cooling, your windows are something to pay attention to.

Leaks are the top priority, when it comes to your windows. If you see that water has been able to seep into your home through one of your windows, you need to fix it immediately. Water damage is bad, and it escalates quickly, so repairing a leak is always the most important thing. It may be tempting to try to seal the leak yourself, but chances are this will only be a temporary solution. If you have repeated problems with a leaky window, you should probably go to the lengths of replacing it. Replacing windows is not as costly or difficult as you may think, especially if you plan on using replacement windows. Replacement windows are pre-made windows that are designed to make replacing a window as easy as possible. Windows have standardized sizes, so finding a replacement window is as easy as measuring your current one. Most of the time, it is fairly easy to remove the current window, by detaching the frame from the attachments. When you remove the frame of the window and the panes all as one unit, it is a lot easier to manage. Then you are left with an opening that should be exactly the right size for your new replacement window, and the attachments to fasten it into place should already be there.

While the installation of replacement windows is pretty easy and standardized, there are different sorts of replacement windows, with different properties. Some are more water resistant than others, and some are better insulators. Also, some are easier to install than others. Vinyl windows, for instance, are easy to install, and many people do not even hire professionals to do so. This is one of several reasons why vinyl replacement windows are a practical option, for both home and business owners. Aluminum windows are similarly easy to install, but they do have the disadvantage of being poor insulators, which means they are a bad choice for people trying to improve efficiency. Fiberglass windows beat both of them, in terms of insulation. Not only that, fiberglass windows are among the most durable and long-lasting replacement windows, but they are more costly, for these reasons. The other negative aspect of fiberglass windows is that they are not as easy to install as vinyl and aluminum windows, so you will likely need to hire a professional to install them. Once in place, though, they will greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, and they may even add a little bit of value to your home.